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Information Technology

Who We Are

Mission Statement

We strive to serve all GLUK users by providing their technical assistance needs in a timely and professional manner while educating the staff and faculty on methods to keep their computer and data safe and secure, and by providing computer lab users an organized and quality learning environment.

GLUK Contacts

They are the center point of IT contact in each CAMPUS. Please contact them for software installation in computer labs, and IT related issues/concerns.

Be Prepared

Always plan ahead, have a contingency plan (Anti-Virus expiring, etc.), request special software installation in the computer lab four to TWO weeks earlier.

Common Sense

Give a complete description of your problem. Backup data, avoid virus/spyware problems, be respectful (return email and phone calls).

Support Expectations for Desktop Support

48 hours turn-around for initial contact


Higher Education Loans Board

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