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Tropical Institute Of Community Health And Development(TICH)

Welcome to the Faculty of Community Health and Development.

Community Health and Development disciplines include community nutrition, health services management, health records, measurements, monitoring and evaluation among others.

The faculty largely focuses on studying the health of communities within the Great Lakes Region, as it relates to the people, environment and social systems.

The mission of TICH is very clear: "to develop develop effective, concerned managers/leaders with a vision for the transformation of the African Context." And as such, the faculty is continuously teaching and doing research in their fields to increase on innovative knowledge of graduates and the surrounding communities. These research projects often include our community partners, undergraduate and graduate students collaborating to address specific community health needs. .

The faculty graduates over 300 Students each year. Graduates from the faculty have successfully found jobs in their fields nationally, regionally and globally. Our graduates currently work as Field trainers, health educators, Consultants, Government employees in various ministries, Health policy advocates.

We are proud of our graduates because they are dedicated and creative workers who are largely addressing present health needs and also participating in the ongoing discourse of improving the future health needs.

As a prospective or new student we highly welcome you in your pursuit of sharing with us our mission of improving the current and future community health needs




Dr. Charles Wafula

Director TICH


For more information Please visit the official TICH Website






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