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Message from the Vice Chancellor

Prof. Dan C.O. Kaseje

Professor Dan Kaseje

The last 10 years has been a process of reflection, evaluation and excellence, a time when some long standing achievements were made. Despite the many challenges, we recorded tremendous positive results. One of the key achievement worth noting was the issuance of the Letter of Interim Authority that allows us to operate as a recognized private university in Kenya.

With the issuance of the Letter of Interim Authority, we are gradually having an increase in our admissions which brings forth the need for expansion into a larger facility. Given the importance of the work being undertaken by the Institution in transforming the lives of individuals within the communities, an impact can only be achieved within a wider coverage with increased number of students. This posses a major challenge that requires mobilization of resources to help establish the main campus. This evolving challenge will mean that we dedicate more focus on resource mobilization in the next coming years.

Over the last ten years, we have learnt many lessons in our common journey. We confirm the conclusion of Thomas Henry Huxley that “The great end in life is not knowledge but action”. Knowledge and qualifications alone are not enough to attain success. For this reason, we strive to develop effective managers of health and development initiatives in the Africa Region.

We learned to have faith in the possibility to reverse the trends. Our relative success is not based on the abundance of our possessions but the God in whom we believe. Our faith in what we are and what we can and will be, trusting in the power beyond the temporal. We refuse to believe that our destiny is defined by narrow limits of what we currently have. So we dare to plan and act towards our dream, starting with the small that we can handle within our limits, but improving continuously towards the higher goals of our calling, until all trends are permanently reversed. We will invest without reservation, because we have a passion and we believe it is possible.

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