2022 Final Graduation List

The following students have been cleared by the academic registry for the award of various Certificates, Diplomas and Conferment of Degrees as approved by the University Senate. This is the Final List

The same spellings and order of names shall be used in printing your certificates and Transcripts.In case there is some one with issues of spelling and order of names, kindly reach out to the exams officer Mr. Kevin Oria immediately on +254 705234485.
Take note of the following updates:
1. The Certificates are are printed in Nairobi by a high profile printing firm with 5 extra ordinary security features. The cost of printing one certificate is very high. Once printed and flown back to Kisumu on 8th, December, a student who wishes any changes shall pay a fine of 4k plus the cost of flight to and from Nairobi for the exams Officer.
2. For the first time, we are doing everything possible to makes certificates and Transcripts ready by graduation day. Printing of transcripts starts this week
3. There are about 34 students who are in the pass list but not in the graduation list because of fee issues. To such students, you have another chance up to 30th of this month in order for you to clear and graduate. You can reach out to the Dean of Students Mr. Denis Odida on +254 102245023 for more information.

Thank you.

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