Dear Alumni,
It is our pleasure to continue getting in touch with you as you pursue your career. GLUK is committed to ensuring you reconnect with your classmates,community and update you on Alumni Events.
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Let us continue sharing this link with other alumni.
 We the GLUK fraternity welcomes all of you to this forum, we have a main goal to harmonize ourselves towards ensuring that GLUK as a university remains great. The Alumni Association is open to all our former students, staff, and friends of GLUK. All the Great Lakes University of Kisumu graduates are invited to actively participate in the Alumni Association. The Association’s main purpose is to provide alumni with a means to interact with the University, as well as with fellow students, graduate and faculty. The Association serves as a networking tool to bring together students and graduates within the same area of academic concentration, providing an outlet for creativity and idea sharing. GLUK strives to bring faculty, staffs, students and graduates together through the Alumni Association.
We look forward to tracing our backgrounds and come in to enhance the agenda of GLUK.
God bless GLUK, God bless all of us.
We would like to inform all the GLUK alumni that we have already established an association which we request all of you to join. This is in a bid to strengthen our relationship and for Networking purposes.