Children’s Career Decisions

Resist the urge to meddle in your children’s career decisions, Great Lakes University of Kisumu Vice Chancellor urges parents.

The Great Lakes University of Kisumu Vice Chancellor Prof. Hazel Miseda has advised parents to resist the insatiable appetite to meddle in the career decisions of their children.

Prof. Hazel said this was a key ingredient towards the making of professionals who lacked enthusiasm at the work place.

She cited instances where some parents coerced their children into pursuing careers because they were lucrative while denying them opportunities to pursue other careers they were so passionate about; a key ingredient in work efficiency.

Prof. Hazel also urged parents to accommodate and embrace emerging careers like Disk Jockey, comedy, playwright/Thespians among others citing established artists like Comedian Jalang’o who were making a kill by merely making people crack their ribs

Prof. Hazel Miseda (second from right) follows panelist discussions during the Higher Education Fair and Skills Expo held at Kisumu School in Kisumu County. (Photo: Courtesy)

She was speaking during the Higher Education Fair and Skills Expo held at Kisumu School in Kisumu County where she was a panelist. The two-day education fair is organized by Nation Media Group in conjunction with Commission for University Education (CUE) and Technical and Vocational Education Training Authority (TVETA)

Students of Huma Girls pose for a photo with GLUK Nursing student, Ms. Valeria Bonareri. (Photo: Courtesy)

The GLUK team was led by the VC Prof. Miseda who actively participated in the NMG panel discussions. Other panelist at the morning session was Dr. Teresa Okoth, the Director of Career Services at a local University.

The Fair seeks to give an opportunity to various segments of education and industry an opportunity to have open conversation about higher education in the country besides giving students the latitude to understand the courses they can fit.

Students of Kisumu School (formerly Kisumu Boys) being taken through a presentation by Prof. Benard Abong’o (Photo: Courtesy)

The Expo gives GLUK the ventilation to appeal to more students who would like to join the institution with reference to the upcoming inter-university transfer window period and its September intake 2022 which is ongoing.

The GLUK marketing team has pitched a tent there to help students understand the requisite subject requirements needed for career progression at various programs after high school education.

The fair which kicked off today, 15th July 2022 will end on Saturday the 16th of July 2022.

                                                                                           Kennedy Mwango

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