Class Attendance Sep-Dec 2021

This is to inform all students in session for the 3rd Trimester that lectures commenced on 13th September and will end on 3rd December 2021.

Take note of the following:

Payment of Fees

All student are expected to pay fees for the semester and those with any outstanding fees to ensure they clear before attending lectures

Registration for Courses

According to the GLUK  Examinations Quality Standards Guidelines Procedure   Clause 2.4 states that “A candidate shall not be allowed to sit for a University Examination for the unit, if he/she fails to register within the first three weeks of opening”

Lecture Attendance

All students must attend 75% of lectures before being allowed to sit for examinations

Continuous Assessment Tests (CATs)

All students are required to do at least two (2) CATs before being allowed to sit for end of semester examinations as per clause 2.5 of the    GLUK  Examinations Quality Standards Guidelines Procedure which states that “To be eligible to sit for a University Examination, a candidate should normally have  taken all the continuous Assessments”

Special/Supplementary Examinations for 2nd Trimester Examination

The above examinations shall be administered in the month of October 2021



Dated:   14th September 2021


KEEP SAFE: Wear your mask properly, Wash your hands with water & soap or Sanitize and Keep Social Distance

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