Clearance for Graduation 2019

On behalf of the University Management Board, I take this opportunity to thank those who are legible students planning to graduate on 23rd August 2019.  We also inform the students that the deadline for clearance is 31st July 2019.  Any student who shall have not cleared by this date will wait for 2020 graduation.  This is therefore to remind students and staff that the following will be the requirements and conditions for ONE TO BE ALLOWED TO GRADUATE, according to our   Graduation policy:

  1. Graduation is open only to registered students of the University who have fulfilled both the academic and fee requirements of their programme, and who have been approved for the appropriate award by Senate.
  2. Potential Graduands are required to confirm their Graduation Status within the specified period by utilizing the graduation policy as notified by the University through newspaper advertisement, official notice boards throughout the university and the University website
  3. Potential graduands  will  be  registered  for  Graduation  in  the  name  that  is recorded on the Students’ University Record on admission into the University.
  4. The graduands shall visit the Dean of School or website confirms correctness of the spellings of the name as captured on the award list. The Certificate will bear the name recorded in the Admission documents.
  5. Potential graduands should confirm their University records and clear all fees balances at least one month to the graduation, failure to which no appeals will be accepted.

We appreciate your continued support to GLUK.




Mr. Evans Watera

Registrar AA

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