Continuing Students’ Registration


FROM: Registrar Academic Affairs

DATE: 6/9/2018


ALL CONTINUING STUDENTS are requested to register for courses before commencement of lectures on Monday the 10th September 2018.

It is a requirement by University Admissions, and Examinations regulations that students register for courses they intend to take. Registration also helps the University in updating students’ records and statistics.

Heads of Departments will generate class/course lists ONLY from the registered students’ data.

Students who violate this rule will be excluded from attending lectures and sitting exams.

Registration forms can be accessed from the reception and in all Departmental offices.

Yours sincerely,


Daniel Onyango

Registrar Academic Affairs


  • DVC-Academic Affairs
  • Registrar Administration
  • Deans
  • HODs

2 thoughts on “Continuing Students’ Registration”

  1. May I apply for government sponsorship in this institution because I was placed by kuccps to undertake clinical medicine from your institution but we can’t manage to pay that huge amount of school fees as we come from humble background please help as I dont want to see my dream shutter because we lack school fees

    1. Hello NIcholas. You can apply for HELB Loan to help you pay for your tuition fees. log into the helb website and apply. Our fee payment is flexible so just report, pay what you can manage, start and you can pay as you progress.

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