Dean School of Nursing & Midwifery

Message from the Dean Faculty of Arts and Science



Welcome to School of Nursing and Midwifery!

At GLUK, we offer a transformational education for the mind, heart and spirit. The school prides itself with curricula  and faculty that play a large role in the creation of an engaging learning environment, one that emphasizes ethical practice, community service, and a commitment to social justice.

The School of Nursing and midwifery offers Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program, and a new Master of Science in Nursing Program, beginning soon.

The School of Nursing offers endless professional and personal opportunities for students and faculty:

  • Ranked 3rd among the Universities that offers the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program ( direct entry and upgrading).
  • Recognized by the National Council of Nurses as a teaching center and as an exam centre and as a Center of Excellence that enhances learning and professional development.
  • Recognized by Commission of University Education as a teaching centre.
  • Builds on a tradition of serving our local community with our Community-Based Health and Wellness activities.
  • Faculty who are expert clinicians, nurses, researchers, teachers, and mentors.
  • Technology infused where electronic books and applications are accessible via mobile phone. In our undergraduate program students can retrieve information anytime, any place.

I hope you consider applying to one of our extraordinary nursing programs and become part of our nursing community. You will have the opportunity to work with our innovative, talented faculty to prepare for many diverse roles in a rapidly changing health care environment.