DVC Finance & Administration

Message from DVC Finance & Administration


Welcome to the Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor – Finance and Administration. This Division is mandated with inaugurating and upholding effective systems concerned with matters relating to finance, planning & development, administration, monitoring and evaluation of performance, quality, relevance and efficiency of all human capital, rewards management, procurement and physical resources management.

The division is also responsible for overseeing the implementation as well as review of University policies and appropriate procedures to ensure efficient performance, delivery of services in line with the University strategic plan as well as optimal use of the university assets and resources.

Coordination of financial matters is key to the division i.e. the preparation and implementation of the University budget and financial statements, management reports as well as ensuring implementation of the just inaugurated third University strategic plan 2023 -2027. We endeavour to improve financial sustainability through diversification of revenue streams and effective and efficient management of university resources. It executes risk assessments across key functions in operations, a process which helps in identifying and analyzing financial risks faced by the University and coming up with effective and efficient ways to address the risks.

Besides advisory role to the Vice Chancellor and the University Management on the development needs of the University, the Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor – Finance and Administration works with other officers of the university in providing supervisory and oversight role in the following Departments/Offices in the Division:

  1. Finance Department
  2. Office of the Registrar (Administration)
  3. Human resource Department
  4. Legal office
  5. Marketing department
  6. Procurement department
  7. Health services department
  8. ICT department
  9. The transport department
  10. The Enterprise department
  11. The Space and estates department

DEPUTY VICE-CHANCELLOR (Finance & Administration)