Great Lakes University has established an entrepreneurship program that aims at equipping youth with entrepreneurial skills to help them start and establish businesses across the country. In a bid to foster this initiative, the GLUK community is offering Scholarship opportunities to needy students in the certificate program below. Kindly click here to APPLY FOR SCHORLASHIP.


This is a partial scholarship and you need to REGISTER HERE for the course if you wish your scholarship application to be considered.


The course is intended to equip the students with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes, which will enable them to start, operate and manage a personal or group business enterprise.

Expected Learning Outcomes

  1. a) To exhibit the characteristics of an entrepreneur
  2. b) Carry out the functions of a business enterprise manager
  3. c) Identify and select the criteria for developing a business idea and plan
  4. d) Identify factors of target market and establish a plan to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage

The GLUK Youth Entrepreneurship Scholarship Fund programme has focus on the Manufacturing and Production economic sectors. The objective is to help catalyze the Kenyan economy towards industrialization.

Listed below are the specific activity areas supported under the pogramme


001 Wooden Tables                       009 Basket Chairs                                       017 Sisal Ropes                                 025 Shoes (Fish Skin)

002 Wooden Chairs                       010 Basket Furniture                                 018 Fabric Table Mats                     026 Shoes (Leather)

003 Wooden spoons                       011 Wooden Seagrass Mats                     019 Pottery Ceramics                       027 Belts (Fish Skin)

004 Wooden Trays                          012 Wooven seagrass Furniture            020 Pottery Chinaware                    028 Belts (Leather)

005 Reed Baskets                             013 Sisal Table Mats                               021 Pottery Jewelry                           029 Bags (Fish Skin)

006 Reed Mats                                  014 Sisal Floor Mats                                022 Sandals (akala)                          030 Bags (Leather)

007 Sisal Baskets                              015 Sisal Bags                                            023 Sandals (Fish Skin)                  031 Yarn/Thread

008 Sisal Mats                                   016 Sisal Baskets                                      024 Sandals (Leather)                     032 Beehives


101 Poultry Feed                               107 Leather Tanning            113 Tomato Paste                     119 Weaving (Textile)

102 Cattle Feed                                 108 Water Bottling                114 Tomato Juice                     120 Embroidery

103 Pig Feed                                      109 Fruit Juice                      115 Chili Sauce                           121 Brick Making

104 Fish Feed                                    110 Fruit Jelly                        116 Fertilizer                               122 Metal Fabrication

105 Honey                                           111 Fruit Jam                          117 Hay

106 Wax                                                 112 Tomato Sauce                  118 Dress Making