Finance Department

Message from the Finance Manager

This is one of the administrative departments through which the university implements and coordinates the financial and accounting function and undertakes those responsibilities, which express the trustees and the University Council. The mission of the department is to work towards the provision and promotion of efficiency, transparency and accountability of the financial resources of the university in accordance with the generally accepted accounting standards as envisioned by the university council.


It is composed of five sections namely; payments, receivables, payroll, projects and reconciliation, headed by Finance Manager. Our services are clientele based, with acute degree of personal inclination towards solving problems and paying attention to details and interests. We work closely with the university management, other departments and the students’ body to enhance our service delivery. All the finance staff are dedicated to service delivery with their feet always dipped in the basin of integrity, transparency an accountability. We welcome everyone to the department; staff, students, community members, suppliers, corporate bodies, sponsors, consultants, the government etc.

GLUK is always  the Centre of Excellence