GLUKSO Chairperson

Message from GLUKSO President




Greetings Comrades!

Great Lakes University of Kisumu Students Organization (GLUKSO) is an independent body whose main objective is to champion for students rights in the university.

GLUKSO being a sole but legal student body at the university that not only fights for students rights but also engages students in various activities, I must say am privileged and deeply honored to serve the Gluk fraternity, especially the student fraternity.

To the GLUK students (both current and prospective), I take this opportunity to extend an olive branch that you join in the efforts to enhance our ability and capability in stretching our strength to the communities that we serve. I call upon all the GLUK students to protect our dignity and reputation by condemning malpractices that will sabotage our conducive and enabling environment (learning and social). It is my humble prayer that all students enjoy campus life around our various campuses.

I also take this special opportunity to give credit to the University administration. Over time, the GLUKSO leadership has increasingly sought audience with University management, the management has in most occasions demonstrated a positive attitude in this regard. I consider this a special privilege that has in turn birthed a continuous but good relationship between the students and the administration. Besides, GLUKSO is now enabled in championing the students’ cause through such meaningful engagements with the administration.

GLUK is one of the best private institutions to learn in, where dreams are turned to realities, equity is promoted among’st surrounding communities, capacity is improved and research is highly embraced. Although as students we enjoy our stay at GLUK, challenges are inescapable. As GLUKSO chair, I therefore urge students with difficulties to embrace protocols put in place, if the best and efficient solutions that will make our short but continued stay at GLUK more pleasant are to be realized.

Above all, let us draw nearer to God for his strength, guidance and sustainability.

God bless GLUK!! God bless GLUKSO!!!



President GLUKSO