Graduation Clearance Extension

This  is just  a reminder  to all graduating  students  that the deadline  for clearance  as was indicated  earlier  was 31st July, 2018. However,  the UMB on 30th  July, 2018 resolved  that students  who still want to clear for graduation  can do so until  17th August  2018 but with a late clearance  fee of KShs.1,000/=.

The 2018 Graduation  date is still 24th  August,  2018 at Kibos  Campus  starting  at 9am. The rehearsal  for the Graduation  will 23rd  August,  2018 at the Graduation  square and all graduating  students  who have been cleared  and have been confirmed  to graduation  must attend.

Thanks  for your support  and cooperation.



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