Hamptons Hospital Partnership with GLUK

We are pleased to announce that Mwale Medical and Technology City has striked a partnership deal with Great Lakes University of Kisumu (GLUK) to open a medical campus at Hamptons Hospital at Mwale Medical and Technology City (MMTC).

The campus will open this year with a space at the Research and innovation park of Hamptons hospital. It will anchor the city’s research and innovation park and will enable GLUK to have their Medical students train at Hamptons hospital.

Hamptons Hospital will in turn have its staff collaborate with GLUK for training and research, making the hospital to become a centre of excellence in medicine. The partnership will also enhance resource utilization by both parties.

The partnership fulfills a major milestone for the hospital which is aiming to have about 2000 doctors, 3000 nurses and support staff and treat upto 12000 patients a day at a full 5000 capacity. The partnership with the university will accelerate the hospital towards the fulfillement of this vision.

Hamptons Hospital opened in 2019 and treats Kenyans and medical tourists. Kakamega county residents with NHIF are treated without paying extra co-payments.

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