International Students


All the international students must have a visa when they are pursuing their courses based on the regulations of the Republic of Kenya.  After getting the registration letter from the University, all new international students are requested to apply for a student visa (people pass) using a form that will be given at the campus.  The student visa costs 5000 Kenyan shillings ( 50 US dollars/47 Euros) for one year reviewable but also it is required to have an align card at 2000 Kenyan shillings (20 US dollars/18.8 £).


ISAGU started in November 2016 with the blessings of the dean of students. This association focuses on needs that are specific to international students such as visa, healthcare, student accommodation, community connection, assistance to international students in getting acquainted with Kenyan University life, student safety, connection with our different embassies in Kenya, good practices in political instability periods. It’s actually a representative board for international students at Great Lakes University of Kisumu.

FINANCES: All international students are supposed to pay 500 Kenyan shillings (5 US dollars/ 4.7 Euro) for registration to ISAGLUK board and a monthly contribution of 1000 Kenyan Shillings (10 US dollars/9.4 Euro). This amount enables you to get a T-shirt to wear during our activities but also it finances the international students office.


This is a platform for educational, cultural and recreational events and activities to bring together international and Kenyans student for mutual cultural exchange.

  1. Cultural day: This is a full day event that gives an opportunity to non-Kenyans country to show case their culture in different activities. It involves seminars and conference where world issues are presented such as climate change, reproductive health and right, stereotypes, gender,…
  2. Day trip: This is a visit of places within Kenya for better discovery of Kenyan resources. Only students attend trips. Staff also can attend the trips but need to inform the International Students Comity.
  3. Cultural Night: This includes drams, songs, dance to celebrate our differences.
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