KUCCPS Admission Letters 2021/2022

CONGRATULATIONS, Welcome to The Great Lakes University of Kisumu (GLUK). Here, you will find your Admission Letter and relevant joining instructions at the Click of a button.

Download the joining instruction documents below that accompany your Admission letter.

(If you encounter any challenges in downloading, change the browser e.g. Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Phoenix, Chrome etc)

Click Against your Name, to download your Admission Letter, you will be required to enter your KCSE index number to access your Letter.

Kindly Note: for those wishing to Transfer to other programs at GLUK, you will be allowed to transfer to your preferred course upon registration.

Once again, Welcome and Congratulations.

Vice Chancellor
Prof. Hazel Miseda Mumbo

Kindly use your 11-digit Index Number as your Password so as to download your Admission Letter e.g. 36612201287 without the year.

For more inquiries, please contact the Admissions Office on: 0736 – 550505

S/No Student Name Admission Letter
1 OTIENO COLLINS [sdm_download id=”4323″ fancy=”0″]
2 ABDIRASHID MOHAMED SIYAD  GURE [sdm_download id=”4325″ fancy=”0″]
3 KIPSANG MAGUT DENNIS [sdm_download id=”4327″ fancy=”0″]
4 WEKESA CYRRIL BARASA [sdm_download id=”4329″ fancy=”0″]
5 NYONGESA JEREMIAH REUBEN [sdm_download id=”4331″ fancy=”0″]
6 JUMA OMAR YAWA [sdm_download id=”4333″ fancy=”0″]
7 MALALA OWUOR BRIGHTONE [sdm_download id=”4335″ fancy=”0″]
8 KIPCHIRCHIR RAYGENE [sdm_download id=”4337″ fancy=”0″]
9 MOHAMED ABDULHAKIM SALIM [sdm_download id=”4339″ fancy=”0″]
10 ELIAS OMONDI OWINO [sdm_download id=”4341″ fancy=”0″]
11 KIPNYANGO MATHEW [sdm_download id=”4344″ fancy=”0″]
12 MUUTASWIM FAIYADHI AWADH [sdm_download id=”4346″ fancy=”0″]
13 MUSYIMI KAMAU TONY [sdm_download id=”4348″ fancy=”0″]
14 NDANYI LAMECK AGGREY [sdm_download id=”4350″ fancy=”0″]
15 EDWIN ONDABU OMBASA [sdm_download id=”4352″ fancy=”0″]
16 TOO KIPKIRUI FELEX [sdm_download id=”4354″ fancy=”0″]
17 MORONGE RAKAMBA  ELIJAH [sdm_download id=”4356″ fancy=”0″]
18 KIBIHI DANSTAN [sdm_download id=”4358″ fancy=”0″]
19 SAUL SUJAH [sdm_download id=”4360″ fancy=”0″]
20 JONATHAN SHITUBI [sdm_download id=”4362″ fancy=”0″]
21 CHESEREK TOROITICH DAVID [sdm_download id=”4365″ fancy=”0″]
22 MUKAMI NORRIS MWANGI [sdm_download id=”4367″ fancy=”0″]
23 KIGEN GRIFFIN KIPRONO [sdm_download id=”4369″ fancy=”0″]
24 HASSAN AHMED IBRAHIM [sdm_download id=”4371″ fancy=”0″]
25 EDWIN OKUMU LIUBA [sdm_download id=”4373″ fancy=”0″]
26 KAMAL MOHAMED NURENI [sdm_download id=”4375″ fancy=”0″]
27 MUDENYO MACKTON OWITI [sdm_download id=”4377″ fancy=”0″]
28 MURIMI STEVEN KIMUYU [sdm_download id=”4379″ fancy=”0″]
29 NDIRANGU ELVIS WACHIRA [sdm_download id=”4381″ fancy=”0″]
30 MUGAMBI STEPHEN KOOME [sdm_download id=”4383″ fancy=”0″]
31 VICTOR KIPKORIR [sdm_download id=”4385″ fancy=”0″]
32 MATANO SAID MOHAMED [sdm_download id=”4388″ fancy=”0″]
33 NGATIA MICHAEL NJOROGE [sdm_download id=”4390″ fancy=”0″]
34 MESHALU EMMANUEL OLCHURIE [sdm_download id=”4392″ fancy=”0″]
35 KEMEI DELLA CHEMUGE [sdm_download id=”4394″ fancy=”0″]
36 MALAHILU ESMIRALDAH KHASOHA [sdm_download id=”4396″ fancy=”0″]
37 ESTHER NYABOKE MIGIRO [sdm_download id=”4398″ fancy=”0″]
38 RUTH ATYANG BARASA [sdm_download id=”4400″ fancy=”0″]
39 ETYANG MAGDALINE IPADET [sdm_download id=”4402″ fancy=”0″]
40 LIBONDO HAFSA JUMA [sdm_download id=”4404″ fancy=”0″]
41 SAID HALIMA [sdm_download id=”4406″ fancy=”0″]
42 WANJEMA ANN WANJIRU [sdm_download id=”4408″ fancy=”0″]
43 CYRUS NAOMI MILDRED [sdm_download id=”4410″ fancy=”0″]
44 MILDRED NYABOKE MONG’ERI [sdm_download id=”4412″ fancy=”0″]
45 MUTSILILA ANNE [sdm_download id=”4414″ fancy=”0″]
46 KITUM CHEPKEMOI BLANDINE [sdm_download id=”4416″ fancy=”0″]
47 MURIUKI LILIAN MWARI [sdm_download id=”4418″ fancy=”0″]
48 OKOTH MERIT HARRIET [sdm_download id=”4420″ fancy=”0″]
49 KANIARU ANNE WANJIKU [sdm_download id=”4422″ fancy=”0″]
50 NGOTHO TABITHA WAMBUI [sdm_download id=”4424″ fancy=”0″]
51 KIMANI MARY ANNE WARIGO [sdm_download id=”4426″ fancy=”0″]
52 WAMBUGU MAUREEN WAMBUI [sdm_download id=”4428″ fancy=”0″]
53 OYORI KWAMBOKA NANCY [sdm_download id=”4430″ fancy=”0″]
54 KEMEI BEATRICE JERONO [sdm_download id=”4432″ fancy=”0″]
55 MWAI JUDY WANGECHI [sdm_download id=”4434″ fancy=”0″]
56 BENEDINE YATICH [sdm_download id=”4436″ fancy=”0″]
57 WAMBUGU NAOMY WANGOI [sdm_download id=”4438″ fancy=”0″]
58 ADAM   ASHA  MIRDOR [sdm_download id=”4440″ fancy=”0″]
59 MWANGI CYNTHIA NJOKI [sdm_download id=”4442″ fancy=”0″]
60 KARANI BIANCA WANJIRU [sdm_download id=”4444″ fancy=”0″]
61 GITAU LINET WANGECHI [sdm_download id=”4446″ fancy=”0″]
62 KANYIRI STACY WANJIKU [sdm_download id=”4448″ fancy=”0″]
63 MACHARIA REGINAH NJOKI [sdm_download id=”4450″ fancy=”0″]
64 HASSAN IBRAHIM ASIYA [sdm_download id=”4452″ fancy=”0″]
S/No Student Name Admission Letter
1 DENIS KIPKIRUI KOECH [sdm_download id=”4297″ fancy=”0″]
S/No Student Name Admission Letter
1 OKWARA VINCENT A. SIMINYU [sdm_download id=”4461″ fancy=”0″]
2 KUTSWA JARED OMUTANYI [sdm_download id=”4463″ fancy=”0″]
3 KIBET COLLINS [sdm_download id=”4465″ fancy=”0″]
4 ANGATIA PHILIP [sdm_download id=”4467″ fancy=”0″]
5 KANGOGO KOSGEI DENIS [sdm_download id=”4469″ fancy=”0″]
6 ETENYI ISHIMAEL [sdm_download id=”4471″ fancy=”0″]
7 WANYONYI EMMANUEL WABWILE [sdm_download id=”4473″ fancy=”0″]
8 KIPYEGO PSITET AMON [sdm_download id=”4475″ fancy=”0″]
9 AMUNZE BENARD AKHONYA [sdm_download id=”4477″ fancy=”0″]
10 ODHIAMBO ISAAC WANZALA [sdm_download id=”4479″ fancy=”0″]
11 VICTOR KOECH ROTICH [sdm_download id=”4482″ fancy=”0″]
12 NJUGUNA MACHARIA DAVID [sdm_download id=”4484″ fancy=”0″]
13 KIPKORIR DOMINIC [sdm_download id=”4486″ fancy=”0″]
14 BUYARI VINCENT OKUMU [sdm_download id=”4488″ fancy=”0″]
15 NAMALWA SIMIYU BRENDA [sdm_download id=”4490″ fancy=”0″]
16 KIPTUM JEROTICH NANCY [sdm_download id=”4492″ fancy=”0″]
17 NELIMA ESTHER [sdm_download id=”4494″ fancy=”0″]
18 CHEBICHII DORIS [sdm_download id=”4496″ fancy=”0″]
19 KIPKOGEI JANET JEROTICH [sdm_download id=”4498″ fancy=”0″]
20 SINGOEI GOLDER JEBET [sdm_download id=”4500″ fancy=”0″]
21 MACHARIA MELVIN ACHIENG [sdm_download id=”4502″ fancy=”0″]
22 JACKEY ATIENO OKOTH [sdm_download id=”4504″ fancy=”0″]
23 CHEPTOO CHEPCHIRCHIR GRACE [sdm_download id=”4506″ fancy=”0″]
24 CHEBII KABARGEI EUNICE [sdm_download id=”4508″ fancy=”0″]
25 CHEBII JEPCHIRCHIR FAITHINA [sdm_download id=”4510″ fancy=”0″]
26 MASIKA NEKESA FLANDINAH [sdm_download id=”4512″ fancy=”0″]
27 ANNET KEMUNTO NYABUTO [sdm_download id=”4514″ fancy=”0″]
28 KIBET JEPKOSGEI VERSITY [sdm_download id=”4516″ fancy=”0″]
29 ALOO LINET AWUOR [sdm_download id=”4518″ fancy=”0″]
S/No Student Name Admission Letter
1 DENNIS KIMUTAI [sdm_download id=”4299″ fancy=”0″]
2 FELIX KIPNGENO YEGON [sdm_download id=”4302″ fancy=”0″]
3 SHUNGEYA STEPHEN MATAYO [sdm_download id=”4305″ fancy=”0″]
4 CHEPKWONY ALLAN KIPROTICH [sdm_download id=”4307″ fancy=”0″]
5 FARDOWSA BISHAR EDEN [sdm_download id=”4309″ fancy=”0″]
6 RAHMAKEEN  MOHAMED  SHARIFF [sdm_download id=”4311″ fancy=”0″]
S/No Student Name Admission Letter
1 KIPLANGAT DENIS [sdm_download id=”4457″ fancy=”0″]
S/No Student Name Admission Letter
1 KAMANDE COLLINS NJUGUNA [sdm_download id=”4521″ fancy=”0″]
2 CHEGE JOHN KINYUA [sdm_download id=”4524″ fancy=”0″]
3 KANG’EI BRIAN KARIUKI [sdm_download id=”4526″ fancy=”0″]
4 WACHIRA MWANGI JAMES [sdm_download id=”4531″ fancy=”0″]
5 NJERI MORGAN KIMARI [sdm_download id=”4533″ fancy=”0″]
6 COLLINS MAINA [sdm_download id=”4535″ fancy=”0″]
7 KAGAI PAUL KIRAGU [sdm_download id=”4537″ fancy=”0″]
8 MAINA WATHUA DENNIS [sdm_download id=”4539″ fancy=”0″]
9 NJAMBI EDWIN MUGO [sdm_download id=”4541″ fancy=”0″]
10 WAIGURU R GATAMUKA [sdm_download id=”4543″ fancy=”0″]
11 BRADLEY GATHIRU JEREMY [sdm_download id=”4546″ fancy=”0″]
12 MAINA ROYJUSTUS NYOIKE [sdm_download id=”4548″ fancy=”0″]
13 GACHIRI PAUL IREGI [sdm_download id=”4550″ fancy=”0″]
14 MUIRURI ERIC GUCHU [sdm_download id=”4552″ fancy=”0″]
15 MUTONGA MOSES MBURU [sdm_download id=”4554″ fancy=”0″]
16 NDUNG’U GEORGE WANDIMI [sdm_download id=”4556″ fancy=”0″]
17 MUIGAI MICHAEL NJAGU [sdm_download id=”4558″ fancy=”0″]
18 WANJOHI KELVIN NDEGWA [sdm_download id=”4560″ fancy=”0″]
19 MUTHIGA E MUIRURI [sdm_download id=”4562″ fancy=”0″]
20 NJERI MICHAEL KARANJA [sdm_download id=”4564″ fancy=”0″]
21 KAGONO JOSEPH MAKARA [sdm_download id=”4566″ fancy=”0″]
22 KINUTHIA JOSPHAT KAMAU [sdm_download id=”4568″ fancy=”0″]
23 NYAMBURA STEPHEN NJOROGE [sdm_download id=”4570″ fancy=”0″]
24 GICHUNGO CHARLES NGATIA [sdm_download id=”4572″ fancy=”0″]
25 ONYANGO NEWTON NGUNJIRI [sdm_download id=”4574″ fancy=”0″]
26 NJOROGE IAN MUNGAI [sdm_download id=”4576″ fancy=”0″]
27 NDUNG’U SAMUEL KIHORIA [sdm_download id=”4578″ fancy=”0″]
28 MBOGO ALEX MAINA [sdm_download id=”4580″ fancy=”0″]
29 KINUTHIA STEFAN KAMAU [sdm_download id=”4582″ fancy=”0″]
30 WANJIRU STEPHEN NJOROGE [sdm_download id=”4584″ fancy=”0″]
31 MARK MUENDO [sdm_download id=”4587″ fancy=”0″]
32 GITAU BILLJOHN KAHURA [sdm_download id=”4589″ fancy=”0″]
33 NJOROGE GABRIEL NYUTU [sdm_download id=”4591″ fancy=”0″]
34 MWAI TEDDY NDUNGU [sdm_download id=”4593″ fancy=”0″]
35 MWANGI PETER KANYORO [sdm_download id=”4595″ fancy=”0″]
36 GITHINJI DERICK MWENDIA [sdm_download id=”4597″ fancy=”0″]
37 WANGARI DANIEL MWANGI [sdm_download id=”4599″ fancy=”0″]
38 MURUGA JAMES NDIMI [sdm_download id=”4601″ fancy=”0″]
39 GAKUU SAMUEL THEURI [sdm_download id=”4603″ fancy=”0″]
40 NJUE FRANCIS KARIUKI [sdm_download id=”4605″ fancy=”0″]
41 MAINA PATRICK NJUGUNA [sdm_download id=”4608″ fancy=”0″]
42 NJUE ESTHER KANGAI [sdm_download id=”4610″ fancy=”0″]
43 NABWIRE JOAN [sdm_download id=”4612″ fancy=”0″]
44 NGUNU CHRISTINE MUCHIRU [sdm_download id=”4614″ fancy=”0″]
45 HAYAT AHMED YAKUB [sdm_download id=”4616″ fancy=”0″]
46 KIMATHI SHARON NKATHA [sdm_download id=”4618″ fancy=”0″]
47 GITHAIGA GLORIA WAMBUI [sdm_download id=”4620″ fancy=”0″]
48 KANGETHE NAOMI M. MUTHONI [sdm_download id=”4622″ fancy=”0″]
49 NJUGUNA EKIRAH WAMBUI [sdm_download id=”4624″ fancy=”0″]
50 RUTH CHEPTOO SEREM [sdm_download id=”4626″ fancy=”0″]
51 NDUNGU IVY LYNETTE WANJIRU [sdm_download id=”4628″ fancy=”0″]
52 MWAI ZARIA WANJIRA [sdm_download id=”4630″ fancy=”0″]
53 MULI PATIENCE MUTANU [sdm_download id=”4632″ fancy=”0″]
54 KIMATA EMMAH WANJIKU [sdm_download id=”4634″ fancy=”0″]
55 MURIITHI CATHERINE WAIRIMU [sdm_download id=”4636″ fancy=”0″]
56 KORIR THERESE JEBET [sdm_download id=”4638″ fancy=”0″]
57 LENDOPOI EMILY SILANTOI [sdm_download id=”4640″ fancy=”0″]
58 SAUTI PAULINE SAUMU [sdm_download id=”4642″ fancy=”0″]
59 MIANO MERCY MUTHONI [sdm_download id=”4644″ fancy=”0″]
60 KING’ORI GRACE WANJIRU [sdm_download id=”4646″ fancy=”0″]
61 EDNA FLORENCE WAMBUI [sdm_download id=”4648″ fancy=”0″]
62 CHEGE MERCY NJOKI [sdm_download id=”4650″ fancy=”0″]
63 KIBATI SYLVIA WAIRURI [sdm_download id=”4652″ fancy=”0″]
64 THIONG’O MARGARET WANJIKU [sdm_download id=”4654″ fancy=”0″]
65 KINYUA MAUREEN MAKENA [sdm_download id=”4656″ fancy=”0″]
66 MUNGAI HANNAH WANGARI [sdm_download id=”4658″ fancy=”0″]
67 NJUGUNA VIRGINIA MUTHONI [sdm_download id=”4660″ fancy=”0″]
68 CHEGE REGINAH WAIRIMU [sdm_download id=”4662″ fancy=”0″]
69 WAIRIMU JOY WANJA [sdm_download id=”4664″ fancy=”0″]
70 KINUTHIA FAITH NJERI [sdm_download id=”4666″ fancy=”0″]
71 NJOKI REGINA MUTHONI [sdm_download id=”4668″ fancy=”0″]
72 CASSY AMONDI [sdm_download id=”4670″ fancy=”0″]
73 WAMBUI LUCY NYAWIRA [sdm_download id=”4672″ fancy=”0″]
74 MUGO MARY NJOKI [sdm_download id=”4674″ fancy=”0″]
75 WANJA HILDAH WANJIRU [sdm_download id=”4676″ fancy=”0″]
76 IRUNGU CYNTHIA NJERI [sdm_download id=”4678″ fancy=”0″]
77 ATEI MAURINE SUBIRA [sdm_download id=”4680″ fancy=”0″]
78 KAMAU CHRISTINE NJERI [sdm_download id=”4682″ fancy=”0″]
79 IRUNGU JANE WANJIRU [sdm_download id=”4684″ fancy=”0″]
80 NJERU MITCHELLE NTINYARI [sdm_download id=”4686″ fancy=”0″]
81 WAKAGWA SARAFINA MUTHONI [sdm_download id=”4688″ fancy=”0″]
82 JANDI LUCY WAMBUI [sdm_download id=”4690″ fancy=”0″]
83 MACHARIA MERCY WARUINU [sdm_download id=”4692″ fancy=”0″]
84 KIARIE MARY WANJIRU [sdm_download id=”4694″ fancy=”0″]
85 KARIMI JACKLINE WANGUI [sdm_download id=”4696″ fancy=”0″]
86 WANJIRU NANCY MUTHONI [sdm_download id=”4698″ fancy=”0″]
87 NDEGWA SALOME KABURA [sdm_download id=”4700″ fancy=”0″]
88 MWANGI MERCY WANJIRU [sdm_download id=”4702″ fancy=”0″]
89 NJOKI EUNICE NYAWIRA [sdm_download id=”4704″ fancy=”0″]
90 NG’ANG’A FAITH MUMBI [sdm_download id=”4706″ fancy=”0″]
91 NJOROGE MARGARET WAMBUI [sdm_download id=”4708″ fancy=”0″]
92 NYAWIRA SHARON [sdm_download id=”4710″ fancy=”0″]
93 NJUGUNA TIFFANY NYOKABI [sdm_download id=”4712″ fancy=”0″]
94 KIARIE RAHAB NYATHIRA [sdm_download id=”4714″ fancy=”0″]
95 WAITHERA JANE NYAMBURA [sdm_download id=”4716″ fancy=”0″]
96 KABACIA SARAH NJERI [sdm_download id=”4718″ fancy=”0″]
97 NYANDIGISI KYLIE KEMUNTO [sdm_download id=”4720″ fancy=”0″]
98 OYUYO CHRISTINE AWUOR [sdm_download id=”4722″ fancy=”0″]
99 MUKURIA CELINE NJERI [sdm_download id=”4724″ fancy=”0″]
100 MAINA MARY WATIRI [sdm_download id=”4726″ fancy=”0″]
101 MWANGI SARAH WAITHIRA [sdm_download id=”4728″ fancy=”0″]
102 OBANO ASHLEY OKINYO [sdm_download id=”4730″ fancy=”0″]
103 KAMAU FAITHLISA WANJIRU [sdm_download id=”4732″ fancy=”0″]
104 ONDERI WINSLET AKINYI [sdm_download id=”4734″ fancy=”0″]
105 CAREN CHEMUTAI [sdm_download id=”4736″ fancy=”0″]
106 MUNDIA LIZZ AYOTI [sdm_download id=”4738″ fancy=”0″]
107 MWANGI MARY WANJIRU [sdm_download id=”4740″ fancy=”0″]
108 MBUKIA PRUDENCE MUTHONI [sdm_download id=”4742″ fancy=”0″]
109 NDUNGU AGNES WAMBUI [sdm_download id=”4744″ fancy=”0″]
110 KARANJA JOYCE MBAIRE [sdm_download id=”4746″ fancy=”0″]
111 MBUNGU NANCY VENNESSA KAGENI [sdm_download id=”4748″ fancy=”0″]
112 ANN NJERI NGAKU [sdm_download id=”4750″ fancy=”0″]
113 NDUNG’U EUNICE NUNGARI [sdm_download id=”4752″ fancy=”0″]
114 WAGURA SHARON WANJIKU [sdm_download id=”4754″ fancy=”0″]
115 NAOMI NZILANI [sdm_download id=”4756″ fancy=”0″]
116 LAIKERA PENDO GEFFEN [sdm_download id=”4758″ fancy=”0″]
117 WAWERU MARY WANJIRU [sdm_download id=”4760″ fancy=”0″]
118 YVONNE WANJIRU MAINA [sdm_download id=”4762″ fancy=”0″]
119 KIBURI FIDELIS WAKONYO [sdm_download id=”4764″ fancy=”0″]
120 MAINA JOAN MUMBI [sdm_download id=”4766″ fancy=”0″]
121 MUITA EMILY WANJIKU [sdm_download id=”4768″ fancy=”0″]
122 RUGURU FAITH ANN NUNGA [sdm_download id=”4770″ fancy=”0″]
S/No Student Name Admission Letter
1 MARIMA WILFRED SABAYA [sdm_download id=”4455″ fancy=”0″]

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