KUCCPS Admission Letters 2022/2023

CONGRATULATIONS, Welcome to The Great Lakes University of Kisumu (GLUK). Here, you will find your Admission Letter and relevant joining instructions at the Click of a button.

Download the joining instruction documents below that accompany your Admission letter.

The following is a List of Requirements as per Program:-

(If you encounter any challenges in downloading, change the browser e.g. Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Phoenix, Chrome etc)

Click Against your Name, to download your Admission Letter, you will be required to enter your KCSE index number to access your Letter.

Kindly Note: for those wishing to Transfer to other programs at GLUK, you will be allowed to transfer to your preferred course upon registration.

Once again, Welcome and Congratulations.

Vice Chancellor
Prof. Hazel Miseda Mumbo

Kindly use your 11-digit Index Number as your Password so as to download your Admission Letter e.g. 36612201287 without the year.

For more inquiries, please contact the Admissions Office on: 0736 – 550505

S.NoStudent NameAdmission Letter
1OJUKA WENDY AKOTH [sdm_download id=”5201″ fancy=”0″]
2JOSEPH GARAMA KARANI [sdm_download id=”5203″ fancy=”0″]
3KAZUNGU MAUA ELVINER [sdm_download id=”5204″ fancy=”0″]
4KURIA MACHARIA BLAIR [sdm_download id=”5210″ fancy=”0″]
5PETER NJEGE [sdm_download id=”5207″ fancy=”0″]
6NJENGA ALLAN KURIA [sdm_download id=”5208″ fancy=”0″]
7MUGO JACKLINE MUTHONI [sdm_download id=”5209″ fancy=”0″]
8RUGURU ALICE NJOKI [sdm_download id=”5210″ fancy=”0″]
9BIRGEN ABIUD KIPLIMO [sdm_download id=”5211″ fancy=”0″]
10SARAH AKATOROT MUGERA [sdm_download id=”5213″ fancy=”0″]
11TINEGA JAPHET MAKORI [sdm_download id=”5214″ fancy=”0″]
12ALUCHURA SHYANNE WAMBANI [sdm_download id=”5215″ fancy=”0″]
13WABWIRE OLIVE BRIGIT [sdm_download id=”5216″ fancy=”0″]
14NYAMBURA ANN WANJIRU [sdm_download id=”5218″ fancy=”0″]
15NYAMAI PRECIOUS MWENDE [sdm_download id=”5219″ fancy=”0″]
16MALVIN MUUO [sdm_download id=”5220″ fancy=”0″]
17MUTWIRI PHINEAS [sdm_download id=”5222″ fancy=”0″]
18COLLINS MUTETHIA [sdm_download id=”5223″ fancy=”0″]
19GALMO ABDUBA BORU [sdm_download id=”5225″ fancy=”0″]
20MIRIAM CHERONO MIBEI [sdm_download id=”5226″ fancy=”0″]
21AYUKO AARON JAGONGO [sdm_download id=”5227″ fancy=”0″]
22LINCOLN LOKALEI EWOI [sdm_download id=”5228″ fancy=”0″]
23MUTITI RICHARD OJWANG [sdm_download id=”5230″ fancy=”0″]
24RUTO NATHAN [sdm_download id=”5231″ fancy=”0″]
25LUTATWA MICHELLE SALANO [sdm_download id=”5233″ fancy=”0″]
26ARUGA MELODY KWAMBOKA [sdm_download id=”5235″ fancy=”0″]
27DAVID NJOROGE  WARUI [sdm_download id=”5237″ fancy=”0″]
28OKOTH DAISY ACHIENG [sdm_download id=”5238″ fancy=”0″]
29KWOBA    WEKESA   BRIAN [sdm_download id=”5240″ fancy=”0″]
30KATAM JEBET LUCY [sdm_download id=”5241″ fancy=”0″]
31LOMWATUM ABEDNEGO ARUKUDI [sdm_download id=”5242″ fancy=”0″]
32BRIAN RUTTO MWARENG [sdm_download id=”5243″ fancy=”0″]
33KIMEI ERICK CHESHARI [sdm_download id=”5244″ fancy=”0″]
34KIPROP COLLINS [sdm_download id=”5245″ fancy=”0″]
35LELMENGIT KIPLIMO IVAN [sdm_download id=”5243″ fancy=”0″]
36MILDRATE CHEPKORIR [sdm_download id=”5248″ fancy=”0″]
37LENOX OYIEKO GEORGE [sdm_download id=”5249″ fancy=”0″]
38ONDIEKI MORAA YUNES [sdm_download id=”5251″ fancy=”0″]
39MESHUKO KAPOLONTO EVANS [sdm_download id=”5252″ fancy=”0″]
40KIPLAGAT JEMUTAI PURITY [sdm_download id=”5253″ fancy=”0″]
41EDGAH KIRERA MAEBA [sdm_download id=”5254″ fancy=”0″]
42ENOCK KIBET MAIWA [sdm_download id=”5255″ fancy=”0″]
43MATHEW KIPKOECH LANGAT [sdm_download id=”5257″ fancy=”0″]
44CHERUIYOT ALPHONCE [sdm_download id=”5258″ fancy=”0″]
45DENIS KIPRONO [sdm_download id=”5259″ fancy=”0″]
46KEINO JEPKOECH LORNA [sdm_download id=”5260″ fancy=”0″]
47KORIR KIPRONO AMON [sdm_download id=”5261″ fancy=”0″]
48VICTOR OGERO OMBOGO [sdm_download id=”5263″ fancy=”0″]
49STANLEY  POSE  SANKALE [sdm_download id=”5264″ fancy=”0″]
50EMMANUEL KIPTOO [sdm_download id=”5266″ fancy=”0″]
51BRIAN KIPKOECH KIPCHUMBA [sdm_download id=”5268″ fancy=”0″]
52MESHACK KWEMOI NDIWA [sdm_download id=”5269″ fancy=”0″]
53SHARON CHEPKOECH [sdm_download id=”5270″ fancy=”0″]
54KEMBOI KIPKOGEI WELDON [sdm_download id=”5271″ fancy=”0″]
55OKUBI FORTUNE WANYAMA [sdm_download id=”5272″ fancy=”0″]
56OCHIENG DENIS ODHIAMBO [sdm_download id=”5273″ fancy=”0″]
57INDIMULI ODUOR GIDEON [sdm_download id=”5274″ fancy=”0″]
58OMONDI  SHALOM WEMA [sdm_download id=”5275″ fancy=”0″]
59ANDEYI  MICHAEL  AMUNGA [sdm_download id=”5276″ fancy=”0″]
60LINUS MWORSHO [sdm_download id=”5277″ fancy=”0″]
61JARED NYONGESA MTAI [sdm_download id=”5278″ fancy=”0″]
62MATABIRI MAKETE ELVIS [sdm_download id=”5281″ fancy=”0″]
63AKOLO BUKHEBI TYSON [sdm_download id=”5280″ fancy=”0″]
64MBINJI   MICHAEL   IAN [sdm_download id=”5282″ fancy=”0″]
65ONDIEKI DANIEL SAKAWA [sdm_download id=”5283″ fancy=”0″]
66CHEPTOO MERCY [sdm_download id=”5284″ fancy=”0″]
67KIANGA SEGERA NEHEMIAH [sdm_download id=”5285″ fancy=”0″]
68EMMANUEL MICHIRA AOKA [sdm_download id=”5286″ fancy=”0″]
69OGEGA DERICK MOMANYI [sdm_download id=”5287″ fancy=”0″]
70VICTOR OMBASO [sdm_download id=”5288″ fancy=”0″]
71GICHANA MOKAYA ELEUTHERIUS [sdm_download id=”5289″ fancy=”0″]
72SIABEI ONDIEKI BRIAN [sdm_download id=”5290″ fancy=”0″]
73MOBISA MIKE OURU [sdm_download id=”5291″ fancy=”0″]
74NYANGARESI ASNATH KERUBO [sdm_download id=”5292″ fancy=”0″]
75ONSARE MWAMBI ELKANAH [sdm_download id=”5293″ fancy=”0″]
76ISMAEL BOSIRE ONGERI [sdm_download id=”5294″ fancy=”0″]
77OTIENO VINCENT ODERO [sdm_download id=”5295″ fancy=”0″]
78NYAKEMWA OMAE SILVANUS [sdm_download id=”5296″ fancy=”0″]
79OSURI JOY ADHIAMBO [sdm_download id=”5297″ fancy=”0″]
80OUMA VIVIAN AKOTH [sdm_download id=”5298″ fancy=”0″]
81GICHANA BELDINE GESARE [sdm_download id=”5299″ fancy=”0″]
82LYDIA CHEMURUNY KORIE [sdm_download id=”5300″ fancy=”0″]
83MARUCHA MARIGWA JOSEPH [sdm_download id=”5301″ fancy=”0″]
84FELIX OCHIENG OTIENO [sdm_download id=”5302″ fancy=”0″]
85CLIVELLANE OMONDI KIRUM [sdm_download id=”5303″ fancy=”0″]
86OTIENO PARIS ONYANGO [sdm_download id=”5304″ fancy=”0″]
87OUMA JOHN OCHIENG [sdm_download id=”5305″ fancy=”0″]
88BRITNEY WENDY OGWENO [sdm_download id=”5306″ fancy=”0″]
89BRIAN OKOTH [sdm_download id=”5307″ fancy=”0″]
90OTIENO NANCY ACHIENG [sdm_download id=”5308″ fancy=”0″]
91ATIENO TERRY TREEZER [sdm_download id=”5309″ fancy=”0″]
92NAOMI AWUOR OTIENO [sdm_download id=”5310″ fancy=”0″]
93OMONDI FELIX OUMA [sdm_download id=”5311″ fancy=”0″]
94CHACHA BYRON SENSO [sdm_download id=”5312″ fancy=”0″]
95PHABIAN BILLY OTIENO [sdm_download id=”5313″ fancy=”0″]
96JUMA MCDONALD ONGAYO [sdm_download id=”5314″ fancy=”0″]
97OIRA NASON ARISI [sdm_download id=”5315″ fancy=”0″]
98BRIAN JOSHUA OKIOGA [sdm_download id=”5316″ fancy=”0″]
99RAPHAEL AINDA ONCHARI [sdm_download id=”5317″ fancy=”0″]
100ALBERT MAKORI APOKO [sdm_download id=”5318″ fancy=”0″]
101MOKAYA EVYNET KERUBO [sdm_download id=”5319″ fancy=”0″]
102MOSETI CHARITY KERUBO [sdm_download id=”5321″ fancy=”0″]
103AMINGA MOKEIRA FELICITY [sdm_download id=”5322″ fancy=”0″]
104ONSOMBI ACHOCHI MARCEL [sdm_download id=”5323″ fancy=”0″]
105MARWA CALEB CHACHA [sdm_download id=”5324″ fancy=”0″]
106LAURENCE OMONDI OUTA [sdm_download id=”5325″ fancy=”0″]
107JACKSON HAUREL AWUOR [sdm_download id=”5326″ fancy=”0″]
108IBRAHIM ISSA DAHIR [sdm_download id=”5328″ fancy=”0″]
109MZEE MATASA ALII [sdm_download id=”5358″ fancy=”0″]
110SAMWEL MATHAYO PETER [sdm_download id=”5359″ fancy=”0″]
111MWALIMU ROSEMARY MWENDE [sdm_download id=”5360″ fancy=”0″]
112MUNYAO CAROLINE MWENDE [sdm_download id=”5361″ fancy=”0″]
113GEREZA OMAR MKALLA [sdm_download id=”5362″ fancy=”0″]
114SIMON BASIL MWENDWA [sdm_download id=”5363″ fancy=”0″]
115NYASINGO DAMARIS MORAA [sdm_download id=”5364″ fancy=”0″]
116MWANAULU ALI NGARE [sdm_download id=”5365″ fancy=”0″]
117CHEPKOECH  ELIZABETH [sdm_download id=”5366″ fancy=”0″]
118REHEMA DAMA ABDALLAH [sdm_download id=”5367″ fancy=”0″]
119KAHINDI LUCY SIDI [sdm_download id=”5368″ fancy=”0″]
120MOSES KIZUMO SAFARI [sdm_download id=”5369″ fancy=”0″]
121SULEIMAN   MOHAMEDI   MWABUNDU [sdm_download id=”5370″ fancy=”0″]
122TANA MNDEYE MSUKO [sdm_download id=”5371″ fancy=”0″]
123NGARUIYA JESSY NJERI [sdm_download id=”5372″ fancy=”0″]
124THOMAS NGONYO SAMINI [sdm_download id=”5373″ fancy=”0″]
125NAIMA SAFARI [sdm_download id=”5374″ fancy=”0″]
126KORIR ARON KIPNGETICH [sdm_download id=”5375″ fancy=”0″]
127MBAIKA JAMES MULI [sdm_download id=”5376″ fancy=”0″]
128JEREMIAH MUGENDI [sdm_download id=”5377″ fancy=”0″]
129MUTIE FRIDAH NDINDA [sdm_download id=”5378″ fancy=”0″]
130MUTUNGA ROSE NDINDA [sdm_download id=”5379″ fancy=”0″]
131MUTHUI RACHAEL NDINDA [sdm_download id=”5380″ fancy=”0″]
132MUSYOKA FELISTUS MUTHEU [sdm_download id=”5381″ fancy=”0″]
133NGEI B KIOKO [sdm_download id=”5382″ fancy=”0″]
134MUSYOKI FAITH MWENDE [sdm_download id=”5383″ fancy=”0″]
135KING’OO AGNES NDANU [sdm_download id=”5384″ fancy=”0″]
136KIMEU ANN MUKETHEA [sdm_download id=”5385″ fancy=”0″]
137MUTHUI GRACE MUSENYA [sdm_download id=”5386″ fancy=”0″]
138NDUNDA JOEL WAMBUA [sdm_download id=”5387″ fancy=”0″]
139NZIVO JOYCE MUKAMI [sdm_download id=”5388″ fancy=”0″]
140MUSYIMI CAROLINE MWENDE [sdm_download id=”5389″ fancy=”0″]
141NJERU JOHN MACHARIA [sdm_download id=”5390″ fancy=”0″]
142DORIS MUTHONI MAITAI [sdm_download id=”5391″ fancy=”0″]
143MURITHI MUKAMI BLENDA ANN [sdm_download id=”5392″ fancy=”0″]
144KEYA ALICE OPISA [sdm_download id=”5393″ fancy=”0″]
145NTINYARI EUNICE [sdm_download id=”5394″ fancy=”0″]
146SAMUEL TERRY KARIMI [sdm_download id=”5395″ fancy=”0″]
147PETER MUMBUA [sdm_download id=”5396″ fancy=”0″]
148PETER  ELEAZAR KALUNDA [sdm_download id=”5397″ fancy=”0″]
149GITONGA PIERA KAIMENYI [sdm_download id=”5398″ fancy=”0″]
150PRECIOUS NEEMA GARAMA [sdm_download id=”5399″ fancy=”0″]
151NJIRU ELOSY MUKAMI [sdm_download id=”5400″ fancy=”0″]
152OGETO IAN JOSEPH [sdm_download id=”5401″ fancy=”0″]
153KENVECTOR MUGAMBI [sdm_download id=”5402″ fancy=”0″]
154OMUSUGU HAGGAI [sdm_download id=”5403″ fancy=”0″]
155JOSEPH OKAYA [sdm_download id=”5404″ fancy=”0″]
156CYNTHIA JEMUGE YATICH [sdm_download id=”5407″ fancy=”0″]
157WALELA WANYAMA  MESHACK [sdm_download id=”5408″ fancy=”0″]
158MWOYA DORCAS NDEGE [sdm_download id=”5409″ fancy=”0″]
159APIYO IRENE VALENCIA [sdm_download id=”5410″ fancy=”0″]
160BETHWEL CHERUIYOT [sdm_download id=”5411″ fancy=”0″]
161DENNIS  WAFULA  SIMIYU [sdm_download id=”5412″ fancy=”0″]
162MORAA BRUDEN [sdm_download id=”5413″ fancy=”0″]
163SHARLYNE LUCKY [sdm_download id=”5414″ fancy=”0″]
164CAROLINE NYANSARORA ONYANCHA [sdm_download id=”5415″ fancy=”0″]
165NGETICH ARISTARCHUS KIPTOO [sdm_download id=”5416″ fancy=”0″]
166JOHN KIPTOO LONYANG [sdm_download id=”5417″ fancy=”0″]
167THUKU SAMUEL MWANGI [sdm_download id=”5418″ fancy=”0″]
168TOPISTA NALIAKA MAINA [sdm_download id=”5419″ fancy=”0″]
169WANYONYI S MICAH [sdm_download id=”5420″ fancy=”0″]
170JANET KERUBO LEAKEY [sdm_download id=”5421″ fancy=”0″]
171CHEROTICH SHAEL [sdm_download id=”5422″ fancy=”0″]
172KIFWOLO JOHN MWANGI [sdm_download id=”5423″ fancy=”0″]
173JEPTANUI GLORIA [sdm_download id=”5424″ fancy=”0″]
174CHEROTICH JACINTA KAMUKE [sdm_download id=”5425″ fancy=”0″]
175VALENTINE CHEPTOO [sdm_download id=”5426″ fancy=”0″]
176COLLINS KIPCHUMBA [sdm_download id=”5427″ fancy=”0″]
177VINCENT POGHISHO LOMUKE [sdm_download id=”5428″ fancy=”0″]
178ABIGAEL CHEBET [sdm_download id=”5429″ fancy=”0″]
179DENIS KIPLANGAT KIRUI [sdm_download id=”5430″ fancy=”0″]
180BONIFACE LANGAT [sdm_download id=”5431″ fancy=”0″]
181CHEBET BRENDAH [sdm_download id=”5432″ fancy=”0″]
182CHERUTO LILIAN LONG’OLENYANG’ [sdm_download id=”5433″ fancy=”0″]
183CHEPKIRUI SHARON [sdm_download id=”5434″ fancy=”0″]
184KIPRONO SANG EVANS [sdm_download id=”5435″ fancy=”0″]
185NGENO KIPLANGAT COLLINS [sdm_download id=”5436″ fancy=”0″]
186FAITH JEPKOECH [sdm_download id=”5437″ fancy=”0″]
187CHEPNGETICH TRIZER [sdm_download id=”5438″ fancy=”0″]
188IVINE CHEPKOECH [sdm_download id=”5439″ fancy=”0″]
189SHARON CHERONO [sdm_download id=”5440″ fancy=”0″]
190KELVIN KIPLANGAT MUTAI [sdm_download id=”5441″ fancy=”0″]
191SHEILA CHEBET [sdm_download id=”5442″ fancy=”0″]
192KIPKOECH GIDEON [sdm_download id=”5443″ fancy=”0″]
193AMOS KIPKOECH NGETICH [sdm_download id=”5444″ fancy=”0″]
194CHEROTICH SCOLAR [sdm_download id=”5445″ fancy=”0″]
195CHEPNGENO CAREN [sdm_download id=”5446″ fancy=”0″]
196DANCAN KIPRONO [sdm_download id=”5447″ fancy=”0″]
197KIPKEMOI AMOS [sdm_download id=”5448″ fancy=”0″]
198CHERONO VIOLA [sdm_download id=”5449″ fancy=”0″]
199DIANA CHEPNGENO [sdm_download id=”5450″ fancy=”0″]
200KIPNG’ENO BRIAN KIPYEGON [sdm_download id=”5451″ fancy=”0″]
201KIPNGETICH GILBERT [sdm_download id=”5456″ fancy=”0″]
202BRENDA CHELANGAT [sdm_download id=”5457″ fancy=”0″]
203EMMANUEL KIPROTICH KIRUI [sdm_download id=”5458″ fancy=”0″]
204NDIWA JOAN CHEROP [sdm_download id=”5459″ fancy=”0″]
205ABEL KIBET [sdm_download id=”5460″ fancy=”0″]
206MARION NEKESA [sdm_download id=”5461″ fancy=”0″]
207KIPKEMOI  JERUTO  BRIGID [sdm_download id=”5462″ fancy=”0″]
208MAIYO KIMUTAI SHADRACK [sdm_download id=”5463″ fancy=”0″]
209NELIMA TERESA [sdm_download id=”5464″ fancy=”0″]
210KIPLIMO EMMANUEL [sdm_download id=”5465″ fancy=”0″]
211TABUCHE TRACY SHIRLINE [sdm_download id=”5466″ fancy=”0″]
212JEPKOGEI SHEILA [sdm_download id=”5467″ fancy=”0″]
213CHERONO JULIET [sdm_download id=”5468″ fancy=”0″]
214KIPROP JEPKORIR CAREN [sdm_download id=”5469″ fancy=”0″]
215WEMA JOY AMBANI [sdm_download id=”5470″ fancy=”0″]
216KORIR CALVINE CHELIMO [sdm_download id=”5471″ fancy=”0″]
217CHELANGAT IVY [sdm_download id=”5472″ fancy=”0″]
218JEBITOK JUDITH [sdm_download id=”5473″ fancy=”0″]
219SANG JEPKEMBOI STELLA [sdm_download id=”5474″ fancy=”0″]
220KIBOWEN CORNELIUS KIPSANG [sdm_download id=”5475″ fancy=”0″]
221CHELUMBEN KIPKEMOI FRANKLINE [sdm_download id=”5476″ fancy=”0″]
222CHERUIYOT BLESSINGS JEBIWOTT [sdm_download id=”5477″ fancy=”0″]
223MUTAI SHEILAH JELAGAT [sdm_download id=”5478″ fancy=”0″]
224KIPYATOR AUSTIN SAINA [sdm_download id=”5479″ fancy=”0″]
225JELAGAT MERCY [sdm_download id=”5480″ fancy=”0″]
226JOASH KEBIRO ONYONKA [sdm_download id=”5481″ fancy=”0″]
227FRANKLINE MAKAMU [sdm_download id=”5482″ fancy=”0″]
228MORARA NAOMI MORAA [sdm_download id=”5483″ fancy=”0″]
229MURIITHI MEGRA NYAWIRA [sdm_download id=”5484″ fancy=”0″]
230COLLINS KIPRUTO [sdm_download id=”5485″ fancy=”0″]
231KIMANI MUIRURI SAMWEL [sdm_download id=”5486″ fancy=”0″]
232NANGUNDA PAULINNE MABONGA [sdm_download id=”5487″ fancy=”0″]
233CHEPKORIR MERCY [sdm_download id=”5488″ fancy=”0″]
234WANJAMA GEOGINAH WAMBUI [sdm_download id=”5489″ fancy=”0″]
235DEBORAH CHEBET [sdm_download id=”5490″ fancy=”0″]
236KARANJA GEORGE MBURU [sdm_download id=”5491″ fancy=”0″]
237BRENDA CHEPTOO [sdm_download id=”5492″ fancy=”0″]
238BRENDA CHERONO [sdm_download id=”5493″ fancy=”0″]
239MERCY CHEPTOO [sdm_download id=”5494″ fancy=”0″]
240LYDIA  CHEBET [sdm_download id=”5495″ fancy=”0″]
241CHERONO BRENDA [sdm_download id=”5496″ fancy=”0″]
242EMMANUEL BETT [sdm_download id=”5497″ fancy=”0″]
243ELSIE CHELANGAT [sdm_download id=”5498″ fancy=”0″]
244CHEBET MAUREEN [sdm_download id=”5499″ fancy=”0″]
245VICTOR KIPKEMOI TOO [sdm_download id=”5500″ fancy=”0″]
246MESHACK CHERUIYOT KEMBOI [sdm_download id=”5501″ fancy=”0″]
247NAOMI CHEPKEMOI BARCHOK [sdm_download id=”5502″ fancy=”0″]
248CHEPNGENO MAUREEN [sdm_download id=”5503″ fancy=”0″]
249CHELIMO TRACY [sdm_download id=”5504″ fancy=”0″]
250BRIAN KIBET [sdm_download id=”5505″ fancy=”0″]
251KIPKIRUI  LANGAT  BRIAN [sdm_download id=”5506″ fancy=”0″]
252EDWIN KIBET BORE [sdm_download id=”5507″ fancy=”0″]
253FAITH CHEBET [sdm_download id=”5508″ fancy=”0″]
254TUWEI AURELIUS JEPKIRUI [sdm_download id=”5509″ fancy=”0″]
255KIPKOECH CLISON [sdm_download id=”5510″ fancy=”0″]
256JESANG LYDIA [sdm_download id=”5511″ fancy=”0″]
257JELIMO JACKLINE [sdm_download id=”5512″ fancy=”0″]
258CHEPCHIRCHIR ELSY [sdm_download id=”5513″ fancy=”0″]
259KIPKORIR  ERICK [sdm_download id=”5514″ fancy=”0″]
260KIPRUTO COLLINS [sdm_download id=”5515″ fancy=”0″]
261KEMBOI KIBIWOTT DAN [sdm_download id=”5516″ fancy=”0″]
262JERUTO GLORIA [sdm_download id=”5517″ fancy=”0″]
263JERONO SHARON [sdm_download id=”5518″ fancy=”0″]
264CHEPTOO JUDITH [sdm_download id=”5519″ fancy=”0″]
265JELIMO CHARITY [sdm_download id=”5520″ fancy=”0″]
266KIPRONO BENUEL [sdm_download id=”5521″ fancy=”0″]
267CHEBICHII EMACULATE [sdm_download id=”5522″ fancy=”0″]
268OMEGA VINCENT [sdm_download id=”5523″ fancy=”0″]
269AGINGU KENNEDY OTIENO [sdm_download id=”5524″ fancy=”0″]
270WAITHERA NAFTARY WANGAI [sdm_download id=”5525″ fancy=”0″]
271GATAIGA DOMINIC MWANGI [sdm_download id=”5526″ fancy=”0″]
272LORNAH WAIRIMU [sdm_download id=”5527″ fancy=”0″]
273PARMUAT AUGUSTUS LEPILAL [sdm_download id=”5529″ fancy=”0″]
274MILLICENT MUTHONI [sdm_download id=”5530″ fancy=”0″]
275ONCHANA OBONYO SALOME [sdm_download id=”5531″ fancy=”0″]
276MERCY ADHIAMBO [sdm_download id=”5532″ fancy=”0″]
277KANTAI       LAZARUS   LEINA [sdm_download id=”5533″ fancy=”0″]
278JOYCE NYAKERARIO OTUNDO [sdm_download id=”5534″ fancy=”0″]
279ROBERT KIPKIRUI [sdm_download id=”5535″ fancy=”0″]
280CHEPENGAT  CHARITY  LIMAN [sdm_download id=”5536″ fancy=”0″]
281KIPLAGAT JEPKOECH SUSAN [sdm_download id=”5537″ fancy=”0″]
282KOECH DORCAS JEROP [sdm_download id=”5538″ fancy=”0″]
283LAGAT KELVIN KIPTOO [sdm_download id=”5539″ fancy=”0″]
284KHAINDI WASWA KNIGHTY [sdm_download id=”5540″ fancy=”0″]
285KORIR KIMWETICH LAURENCE [sdm_download id=”5541″ fancy=”0″]
286COLLINS KIPLAGAT [sdm_download id=”5542″ fancy=”0″]
287KIBET KIPROTICH COLLINS [sdm_download id=”5543″ fancy=”0″]
288KOSGEI CHIRCHIR LAWRENCE [sdm_download id=”5544″ fancy=”0″]
289KIPLABAT SHARON JERUTO [sdm_download id=”5545″ fancy=”0″]
290KIPKORIR KIPKOGEI KEVIN [sdm_download id=”5546″ fancy=”0″]
291MAXINE JEBIWOTT MUTAI [sdm_download id=”5547″ fancy=”0″]
292YATOR  SHEILAH JEBET [sdm_download id=”5548″ fancy=”0″]
293CONSOLATA ACHIA [sdm_download id=”5549″ fancy=”0″]
294NYONGESA WANDERA NOBERT [sdm_download id=”5550″ fancy=”0″]
295ISAAC OMUSE [sdm_download id=”5551″ fancy=”0″]
296ADHIAMBO SHALOM [sdm_download id=”5552″ fancy=”0″]
297ADHIAMBO OKWERO LUCY [sdm_download id=”5553″ fancy=”0″]
298ODHIAMBO DAVID OLUOCH [sdm_download id=”5554″ fancy=”0″]
299MERCYLINE IMUNON EKITANGON [sdm_download id=”5555″ fancy=”0″]
300WEKESA EZRA [sdm_download id=”5556″ fancy=”0″]
301JUMA XAVIOUR OMONYA [sdm_download id=”5557″ fancy=”0″]
302SIMIYU VIONAH NANJALA [sdm_download id=”5558″ fancy=”0″]
303MUSIKO CECILIA NEKESA [sdm_download id=”5559″ fancy=”0″]
304KHALECHI VERALYNE MAKOKHA [sdm_download id=”5560″ fancy=”0″]
305SIKUKU TETI BETTY [sdm_download id=”5561″ fancy=”0″]
306LINET AROONY EBU [sdm_download id=”5562″ fancy=”0″]
307NEKESA   BRENDA [sdm_download id=”5563″ fancy=”0″]
308OSIROM JOSHUA ETYANG [sdm_download id=”5564″ fancy=”0″]
309EDGA  OMUBASU  BATELA [sdm_download id=”5565″ fancy=”0″]
310IPALATA OUMA DERICK [sdm_download id=”5566″ fancy=”0″]
311NANCY AUMA OTIENO [sdm_download id=”5567″ fancy=”0″]
312WAMALWA JUMA BONFACE [sdm_download id=”5568″ fancy=”0″]
313NANJALA PURITY WAFULA [sdm_download id=”5569″ fancy=”0″]
314SITUMA MAUREEN NAKHUMICHA [sdm_download id=”5570″ fancy=”0″]
315RUTH KWAMBOKA [sdm_download id=”5571″ fancy=”0″]
316WESONGA  GERISHOM [sdm_download id=”5572″ fancy=”0″]
317SIMIYU DAVID WAFULA [sdm_download id=”5573″ fancy=”0″]
318BARASA    NASAMBU   SARAH [sdm_download id=”5574″ fancy=”0″]
319MUTINYU NASIMIYU VALUERY [sdm_download id=”5575″ fancy=”0″]
320SIFUMA NANCY NAFUNA [sdm_download id=”5576″ fancy=”0″]
321KENNETH CHEPKOY KIRONGET [sdm_download id=”5577″ fancy=”0″]
322EMMANUEL KIPSANG CHEPTEI [sdm_download id=”5578″ fancy=”0″]
323ELIA KIPLANG’AT CHEMURGOR [sdm_download id=”5579″ fancy=”0″]
324WEKESA ANNETY NASIEBANDA [sdm_download id=”5580″ fancy=”0″]
325BARASA DORCUS NEKESA [sdm_download id=”5581″ fancy=”0″]
326BARASA SAMWEL WAFULA [sdm_download id=”5582″ fancy=”0″]
327AKOCHI PAULINE [sdm_download id=”5583″ fancy=”0″]
328WANAMI ELCAH NABWILE [sdm_download id=”5584″ fancy=”0″]
329BRITNEY  RODAH [sdm_download id=”5585″ fancy=”0″]
330NYENDE SHEILAH OMOTO [sdm_download id=”5586″ fancy=”0″]
331SIKUKU EMMANUEL WANJALA [sdm_download id=”5587″ fancy=”0″] 
332WAFULA NANJALA EDITH [sdm_download id=”5588″ fancy=”0″]
333ITAPARA PERES ITUMORI [sdm_download id=”5589″ fancy=”0″]
334CASSIAN NYANGESO [sdm_download id=”5590″ fancy=”0″]
335NASAMBU LONAH MASIKA [sdm_download id=”5591″ fancy=”0″]
336MUNIALO NAFUNA CLEA [sdm_download id=”5592″ fancy=”0″]
337WEKESA PETER KILALET [sdm_download id=”5593″ fancy=”0″]
338GRANDON KIPLIMO KIRUI [sdm_download id=”5594″ fancy=”0″]
339NOAH KORIR [sdm_download id=”5595″ fancy=”0″]
340WEKESA WANJALA MICAH [sdm_download id=”5596″ fancy=”0″]
341WEKESA NELIMA MELAPU [sdm_download id=”5597″ fancy=”0″]
342WAMALWA  MERCY  KHASIRO [sdm_download id=”5598″ fancy=”0″]
343MERCY M NYONGESA [sdm_download id=”5599″ fancy=”0″]
344MARY MUINDI WEKESA [sdm_download id=”5600″ fancy=”0″]
345AHENDA EUNICE ALUOCH [sdm_download id=”5601″ fancy=”0″]
346WANJALA TREVER KHAEMBA [sdm_download id=”5602″ fancy=”0″]
347GIBENDI GLADYS [sdm_download id=”5603″ fancy=”0″]
348NEKESA ESTHER WANYONYI [sdm_download id=”5604″ fancy=”0″]
349WAWERU VIRGINIA NJERI [sdm_download id=”5605″ fancy=”0″]
350NYONGESA NAKUBILYA PRAXIDICE [sdm_download id=”5606″ fancy=”0″]
351JAMES MASIKA  BARASA  [sdm_download id=”5631″ fancy=”0″]
352CALEB WAFULA  [sdm_download id=”5632″ fancy=”0″]
353KUTO NANDEYOKA KEVIN  [sdm_download id=”5633″ fancy=”0″]
354MASAKHWE FAITH MMBONE  [sdm_download id=”5634″ fancy=”0″]
355KHATETE NABWILE  RABECCAH  [sdm_download id=”5635″ fancy=”0″]
356WAMALWA SIKUKU EMMANUEL  [sdm_download id=”5636″ fancy=”0″]
357BARASA ANNE NASIMIYU  [sdm_download id=”5637″ fancy=”0″]
358LUBISIA KHALAYI DEBBY  [sdm_download id=”5638″ fancy=”0″]
359ANJELINE ATOLWA WEKESA  [sdm_download id=”5639″ fancy=”0″]
360CHANGEYWO YEGO VASHIT  [sdm_download id=”5640″ fancy=”0″]
361KIPLANG’AT JOEL KIRWA   [sdm_download id=”5641″ fancy=”0″]
362MERCYLINE NAMALWA SHIUNDU   [sdm_download id=”5642″ fancy=”0″]
363WAFULA SIMIYU SIMON   [sdm_download id=”5643″ fancy=”0″]
364MASAFU SIMIYU HILARY   [sdm_download id=”5644″ fancy=”0″]
365MOSES KHISA WANYONYI  [sdm_download id=”5645″ fancy=”0″] 
366NYONGESA NANJALA GLORIA   [sdm_download id=”5646″ fancy=”0″]
367KITUYI W DENIS   [sdm_download id=”5647″ fancy=”0″]
368BARASA S. ROBINSON   [sdm_download id=”5648″ fancy=”0″]
369DIMINA NEKESA WALELA   [sdm_download id=”5649″ fancy=”0″]
370NASAMBU EMMACULATE WANJALA   [sdm_download id=”5650″ fancy=”0″]
371NALYANYA M. BILHA  [sdm_download id=”5651″ fancy=”0″]
372OKANG`A APYUT MBOY  [sdm_download id=”5652″ fancy=”0″]
373MBITHI HABIL  [sdm_download id=”5653″ fancy=”0″]
374IMMACULATE  AKINYI OCHIENG  [sdm_download id=”5654″ fancy=”0″]
375DIANA KHAMALA  [sdm_download id=”5655″ fancy=”0″]
376MELCKZADEK AKOTO KADENYI  [sdm_download id=”5656″ fancy=”0″]
377KIPLIMO  MESHACK  [sdm_download id=”5657″ fancy=”0″]
378SHADRACK KIBWASI  [sdm_download id=”5658″ fancy=”0″]
379NYIKURI  FELIX  [sdm_download id=”5659″ fancy=”0″]
380LYDIA META  [sdm_download id=”5660″ fancy=”0″]
381ILANOGWA ROGERS  [sdm_download id=”5661″ fancy=”0″]
382VIVIAN ABWORA  [sdm_download id=”5662″ fancy=”0″]
383HAGGAI AMUKHUMA  [sdm_download id=”5663″ fancy=”0″]
384SUSAN KARE  [sdm_download id=”5664″ fancy=”0″]
385SARAH  NAFULA  [sdm_download id=”5665″ fancy=”0″]
386BENARD NYANDOYA  [sdm_download id=”5666″ fancy=”0″]
387SILALI ISABBEL TULUTIA  [sdm_download id=”5667″ fancy=”0″]
388MUYENZI JOYNA  [sdm_download id=”5668″ fancy=”0″]
389ALIARO DALTON  [sdm_download id=”5669″ fancy=”0″]
390PHANICE ASWANI  [sdm_download id=”5670″ fancy=”0″]
391KALUKHANA  DICKSON  KAKAI  [sdm_download id=”5671″ fancy=”0″]
392ISAAC MWAMBWA FRED [sdm_download id=”5672″ fancy=”0″]
393VISAHU  VINCENT [sdm_download id=”5673″ fancy=”0″]
394CHISUTIA ZIPORAH [sdm_download id=”5674″ fancy=”0″]
395KHAINGA SHISIA GILBERT [sdm_download id=”5675″ fancy=”0″]
396FLAVIAN S. MUHEMBI [sdm_download id=”5676″ fancy=”0″]
397JANE MORAA AUMA [sdm_download id=”5677″ fancy=”0″]
398AKHABETSA MILLICENT AKOYO SEMO [sdm_download id=”5678″ fancy=”0″]
399CLAUDIA ANGOTE [sdm_download id=”5679″ fancy=”0″]
400MUSINDI REAGAN WITABA [sdm_download id=”5680″ fancy=”0″]
401MUTEMBEI SHIRLEEN [sdm_download id=”5681″ fancy=”0″]
402NALIAKA SHALET [sdm_download id=”5682″ fancy=”0″]
403BARASA M. IVY [sdm_download id=”5683″ fancy=”0″]
404PRUDENCE KWATSIMA [sdm_download id=”5684″ fancy=”0″]
405MINYOSO  MERCY  AGUSHOMA [sdm_download id=”5685″ fancy=”0″]
406VALARY CAISY KHISA [sdm_download id=”5686″ fancy=”0″]
407NYAUNDI HARDVAIN [sdm_download id=”5687″ fancy=”0″]
408PAUL. A. OBIERO [sdm_download id=”5688″ fancy=”0″]
409ONYANGO  SELLAR  RIZIKI   [sdm_download id=”5689″ fancy=”0″]
410OKELLO GLEN GIDEON [sdm_download id=”5690″ fancy=”0″]
411PHILLIP AMBAKA [sdm_download id=”5691″ fancy=”0″]
412CELESTINE   NYONGESA [sdm_download id=”5692″ fancy=”0″]
413INGOSI JUDITH ANYOSO [sdm_download id=”5693″ fancy=”0″]
414ROSE  AWINJA [sdm_download id=”5694″ fancy=”0″]
415MUTENYO ABEL SIMIYU [sdm_download id=”5695″ fancy=”0″]
416MIKE MULONGO WENANI [sdm_download id=”5696″ fancy=”0″]
417LUMUMBA KEVIN MUSUMBA [sdm_download id=”5697″ fancy=”0″]
418OWINO ANGEL MAGRACE [sdm_download id=”5698″ fancy=”0″]
419ZAINABU MAKOKHA [sdm_download id=”5699″ fancy=”0″]
420WABUKO DORCAS ANGOSE [sdm_download id=”5700″ fancy=”0″]
421OKELLO DAVID MASIBAYI  [sdm_download id=”5701″ fancy=”0″]
422MUSASIA CHARITY KADOGO  [sdm_download id=”5702″ fancy=”0″]
423NEWTONE OGOLLA OMENDA  [sdm_download id=”5703″ fancy=”0″]
424KATILA WANYAMA FAITH  [sdm_download id=”5704″ fancy=”0″]
425NALIAKA JOSEPHINE  [sdm_download id=”5705″ fancy=”0″]
426WEKESA LABAN MAKOKHA  [sdm_download id=”5706″ fancy=”0″]
427SIMIYU VICTOR SHIKANGA  [sdm_download id=”5707″ fancy=”0″]
428NGAO NABALAYO MELODY  [sdm_download id=”5708″ fancy=”0″]
429ROSELYNE USOLO  [sdm_download id=”5709″ fancy=”0″]
430WAFULA NAFULA JUDITH  [sdm_download id=”5710″ fancy=”0″]
431OKUMU BRIGHTONE  [sdm_download id=”5711″ fancy=”0″]
432SIMON N KAMUYE  [sdm_download id=”5712″ fancy=”0″]
433ASHIALI ANDENYI EDWIN  [sdm_download id=”5713″ fancy=”0″]
434NGAMIA STARNLEY WERE  [sdm_download id=”5714″ fancy=”0″]
435KAUNYA WILKISTER AOKO  [sdm_download id=”5715″ fancy=”0″]
436MATISI SAMANTHA DAISY  [sdm_download id=”5716″ fancy=”0″]
437NYACHAE MARIA NICOLE  [sdm_download id=”5717″ fancy=”0″]
438NEELS  KIGADA  [sdm_download id=”5718″ fancy=”0″]
439SIMON CHOGO  [sdm_download id=”5719″ fancy=”0″]
440BRENDA  KANAGA  [sdm_download id=”5720″ fancy=”0″]
441KAUGA CLEVYA [sdm_download id=”5722″ fancy=”0″]
442ONYONJE FRANCIS ONYINO [sdm_download id=”5723″ fancy=”0″]
443WANJA WENDY [sdm_download id=”5724″ fancy=”0″]
444PERUZ RACHEAL ONGACHI [sdm_download id=”5725″ fancy=”0″]
445AMBOGO LAURA [sdm_download id=”5726″ fancy=”0″]
446WAFULA GODWIN [sdm_download id=”5727″ fancy=”0″]
447DENIS KANYASI [sdm_download id=”5728″ fancy=”0″]
448OSCAR BUSOLO [sdm_download id=”5729″ fancy=”0″]
449KISALA CEDRIK K [sdm_download id=”5730″ fancy=”0″]
450SIRILA NECHESA [sdm_download id=”5731″ fancy=”0″]
451GWAGA ISAAC [sdm_download id=”5732″ fancy=”0″]
452AZULA MARK LUBEMBE [sdm_download id=”5733″ fancy=”0″]
453ASHIOYA BLESSINGS FIONA [sdm_download id=”5734″ fancy=”0″]
454JERONO LYDIA [sdm_download id=”5735″ fancy=”0″]
455OSITA VENECIA SAISI BWOYA [sdm_download id=”5736″ fancy=”0″]
456MIDEGA GRACE [sdm_download id=”5737″ fancy=”0″]
457MWAVICHI   PURITY [sdm_download id=”5738″ fancy=”0″]
458ANYANGO EFFIE STACY[sdm_download id=”5739″ fancy=”0″] 
459MESHACK ASIOYA ONDIEKI [sdm_download id=”5740″ fancy=”0″]
460OPWONDI AMUKHUMA PHELIX  [sdm_download id=”5741″ fancy=”0″]
461MOSS ALLAN EKUMBA  [sdm_download id=”5742″ fancy=”0″]
462OCHIENG SILVIAH ACHIENG  [sdm_download id=”5743″ fancy=”0″]
463OCHIENG ANNE MERLYNE  [sdm_download id=”5744″ fancy=”0″]
464GODFREY OTIENO  [sdm_download id=”5745″ fancy=”0″]
465BASIL ISAIAH  [sdm_download id=”5746″ fancy=”0″]
466MAURA WINNIE ATIENO  [sdm_download id=”5747″ fancy=”0″]
467OTIENO LEVICE OKOTH  [sdm_download id=”5748″ fancy=”0″]
468GORDON OUKO  [sdm_download id=”5749″ fancy=”0″]
469ACHIENG FLORENCE  [sdm_download id=”5750″ fancy=”0″]
470ANYANGO CHRISTINE OWARE  [sdm_download id=”5751″ fancy=”0″]
471ANYANGO PERPETUA OTIENO  [sdm_download id=”5752″ fancy=”0″]
472OKUKU DUNCUN OUMA  [sdm_download id=”5753″ fancy=”0″]
473WERE DESMOND OMONDI  [sdm_download id=”5754″ fancy=”0″]
474KOLA JOYCE ATIENO  [sdm_download id=”5755″ fancy=”0″]
475NICHOLAS OKOTH AKUMU  [sdm_download id=”5756″ fancy=”0″]
476ODERO GEOFFREY OUMA  [sdm_download id=”5757″ fancy=”0″]
477EMILY BOYANI OSORO  [sdm_download id=”5758″ fancy=”0″]
478ATIENO ESTHER OPISO  [sdm_download id=”5759″ fancy=”0″]
479OGUTU JOHN PASCAL OCHIENG  [sdm_download id=”5760″ fancy=”0″]
480DENNIS KIPROTICH  [sdm_download id=”5761″ fancy=”0″]
481ATIENO VELMA [sdm_download id=”5762″ fancy=”0″]
482ADHIAMBO ORPA OKOYO [sdm_download id=”5763″ fancy=”0″]
483JUDITH ATIENO [sdm_download id=”5764″ fancy=”0″]
484OMONDI ELIZABETH ATIENO [sdm_download id=”5765″ fancy=”0″]
485AKINYI LENCER OKELO [sdm_download id=”5766″ fancy=”0″]
486CHEPTOO CLARE [sdm_download id=”5767″ fancy=”0″]
487VICTOR KIPLANGAT [sdm_download id=”5768″ fancy=”0″]
488SIMION JUMA [sdm_download id=”5769″ fancy=”0″]
489SIKO STEPHEN MONGITI [sdm_download id=”5770″ fancy=”0″]
490ODHIAMBO ACHIENG MARGARET [sdm_download id=”5771″ fancy=”0″]
491NYAKUNDI TERESA GESARE [sdm_download id=”5772″ fancy=”0″]
492MOMANYI  KEMUNTO   GETRUDE [sdm_download id=”5773″ fancy=”0″]
493GLORYNE MORAA [sdm_download id=”5774″ fancy=”0″]
494MERCY MORAA ISAAC [sdm_download id=”5775″ fancy=”0″]
495ONDUSO AYIENDA JOSEPH [sdm_download id=”5776″ fancy=”0″]
496GICHABA JOHN OSORO [sdm_download id=”5777″ fancy=”0″]
497ONCHARI ESTHER MORAA [sdm_download id=”5778″ fancy=”0″]
498SAGINI BOSIBORI SHARON [sdm_download id=”5779″ fancy=”0″]
499OCHOLA MARIA MARYFIN [sdm_download id=”5780″ fancy=”0″]
500ASWANI MELISA JERUSA [sdm_download id=”5781″ fancy=”0″]
501EMMANUEL OBARA OMAMBIA [sdm_download id=”5782″ fancy=”0″]
502ABEL NYAKUNDI NYABARO [sdm_download id=”5783″ fancy=”0″]
503AMINGA ONDARI GREGORY [sdm_download id=”5784″ fancy=”0″]
504OTUKE MORAA ELFINE [sdm_download id=”5785″ fancy=”0″]
505GECHURE LISPER KERUBO [sdm_download id=”5786″ fancy=”0″]
506OMONGO SHARON MUHONJA [sdm_download id=”5787″ fancy=”0″]
507OSIEMO MORAA NAOM [sdm_download id=”5788″ fancy=”0″]
508OMWEGA KEVIN ONDARI [sdm_download id=”5789″ fancy=”0″]
509ANTHONY DORIS NYANCHERA[sdm_download id=”5790″ fancy=”0″]
510VERONICAH KERUBO MOMANYI [sdm_download id=”5791″ fancy=”0″]
511ONSASE NYANCHOKA HELLEN [sdm_download id=”5792″ fancy=”0″]
512MORACHA BRENDA BINSARI [sdm_download id=”5793″ fancy=”0″]
513LABAN ONSINYO MACHUKI [sdm_download id=”5794″ fancy=”0″]
514CARO BOSIBORI OUKO [sdm_download id=”5795″ fancy=”0″]
515MOTARI MORAA MARY [sdm_download id=”5796″ fancy=”0″]
516COLLINS MAKERE OGEGA [sdm_download id=”5797″ fancy=”0″]
517JANE KERUBO MANYARA [sdm_download id=”5798″ fancy=”0″]
518OMBAYE SAMWEL BURERE [sdm_download id=”5799″ fancy=”0″]
519MBURA GESARE DEBORAH[sdm_download id=”5800″ fancy=”0″] 
520ROSEVINA NYAKOMOITA MORANG`A [sdm_download id=”5801″ fancy=”0″] 
521BOSIBORI SHARON ONDIEKI [sdm_download id=”5802″ fancy=”0″] 
522FAITH NYAERA NYABUTO [sdm_download id=”5803″ fancy=”0″] 
523MOGENI DOLPHINE NYANCHERA [sdm_download id=”5804″ fancy=”0″] 
524EUGENE GWAYA [sdm_download id=”5805″ fancy=”0″] 
525NYAKONI DOREEN KEMUNTO [sdm_download id=”5806″ fancy=”0″] 
526OGOTI DINAH NYANG’ARA [sdm_download id=”5807″ fancy=”0″] 
527MOKUA NYAMOITA DORINE [sdm_download id=”5808″ fancy=”0″] 
528ESTHER NYAMOITA KOMBO [sdm_download id=”5809″ fancy=”0″] 
529ELIZABETH MOGESI CHACHA [sdm_download id=”5810″ fancy=”0″] 
530MOSINGI NELLY NYAMBEKI [sdm_download id=”5811″ fancy=”0″]
531MELPIS  MONGINA  OMBONGI [sdm_download id=”5812″ fancy=”0″]
532OBIRI KWAMBOKA LOICE [sdm_download id=”5813″ fancy=”0″]
533MOMANYI NYANCHERA MARY [sdm_download id=”5814″ fancy=”0″]
534AQUINUS OMONDI MOCHUMBE [sdm_download id=”5815″ fancy=”0″]
535OBARE MOGUSU COLLINS [sdm_download id=”5816″ fancy=”0″]
536ONGORI BRIAN ONDIEKI [sdm_download id=”5817″ fancy=”0″]
537MAKARIUS BERYLLINE MOCHECHE [sdm_download id=”5818″ fancy=”0″]
538YUSUF REBECCA KWAMBOKA [sdm_download id=”5819″ fancy=”0″]
539RICHARD OMOLLO MBARIA [sdm_download id=”5820″ fancy=”0″]
540TONNY JUNIOR OCHIENG  [sdm_download id=”5821″ fancy=”0″]
541KINAP WENDY JOAN  [sdm_download id=”5822″ fancy=”0″]
542OWANGE PERES AMIMO  [sdm_download id=”5823″ fancy=”0″]
543OKACH CALEB  [sdm_download id=”5824″ fancy=”0″]
544OMINDI TOBIAS ODEDE  [sdm_download id=”5825″ fancy=”0″]
545JOSEPH OMONDI OKETCH  [sdm_download id=”5826″ fancy=”0″]
546OMINGO VIVIAN ATIENO  [sdm_download id=”5827″ fancy=”0″]
547AGAGE SHONEMICHAEL OKINYI  [sdm_download id=”5828″ fancy=”0″]
548WANJIRU SHERINE MUGI  [sdm_download id=”5829″ fancy=”0″]
549OTIWA MESHACK OPIYO  [sdm_download id=”5830″ fancy=”0″]
550FAITH AKINYI OTIENO [sdm_download id=”5831″ fancy=”0″]
551EMMANUEL FRANKLIN ONYANGO [sdm_download id=”5832″ fancy=”0″]
552AOKO EMILY [sdm_download id=”5833″ fancy=”0″]
553OMAE DEIDRE KEMUNTO [sdm_download id=”5834″ fancy=”0″]
554RODGERS OTIENO [sdm_download id=”5835″ fancy=”0″]
555TONNY OGWENO OWIGO [sdm_download id=”5836″ fancy=”0″]
556RUWA FATUMA ABEID [sdm_download id=”5837″ fancy=”0″]
557ONYANGO PETER ODHIAMBO [sdm_download id=”5838″ fancy=”0″]
558KISIARA DEDAN KIMATHI [sdm_download id=”5839″ fancy=”0″]
559CHRISPINE OUMA OKORO [sdm_download id=”5840″ fancy=”0″]
560ATIENO MERCY OTIENO [sdm_download id=”5841″ fancy=”0″]
561RODGERS OTIENO DAVID [sdm_download id=”5842″ fancy=”0″]
562ACHIENG MERCY [sdm_download id=”5843″ fancy=”0″]
563OMONDI WINNIE AKOTH [sdm_download id=”5844″ fancy=”0″]
564OTIENO VERONICA ACHIENG [sdm_download id=”5845″ fancy=”0″]
565OCHIENG STANLEY ONANI [sdm_download id=”5846″ fancy=”0″]
566ODIWUOR NICK OTIENO [sdm_download id=”5847″ fancy=”0″]
567DONCHRIS ADHIAMBO [sdm_download id=”5848″ fancy=”0″]
568OTIENO JENIPHER ACHIENG [sdm_download id=”5849″ fancy=”0″]
569MUGA CHARITY ADHIAMBO [sdm_download id=”5850″ fancy=”0″]
570AWUOR ANN [sdm_download id=”5851″ fancy=”0″]
571ESTHER WANGOI OJENGA [sdm_download id=”5852″ fancy=”0″]
572OTIENO ELVIS ODOYO [sdm_download id=”5853″ fancy=”0″]
573ODUOR   MICHAEL   OUMA[sdm_download id=”5854″ fancy=”0″] 
574BEATRICE ACHIENG OWIDHI [sdm_download id=”5855″ fancy=”0″]
575CHRIS ODHIAMBO ONDERE [sdm_download id=”5856″ fancy=”0″]
576OCHIENG CHRISTINE AKOTH [sdm_download id=”5857″ fancy=”0″]
577MERCY AKINYI ONYANGO [sdm_download id=”5858″ fancy=”0″]
578ACHIENG VIVIAN ALUSO [sdm_download id=”5859″ fancy=”0″]
579EUGENE ONYANGO [sdm_download id=”5860″ fancy=”0″]
580ODUOR TONNY OTIENO [sdm_download id=”5861″ fancy=”0″]
581OMWITAKHO MARY [sdm_download id=”5862″ fancy=”0″]
582OTIENO LIZZ AKINYI [sdm_download id=”5863″ fancy=”0″]
583ONDAGO FRANCIS OPONDO [sdm_download id=”5864″ fancy=”0″]
584OKELLO PHELISHIER STACEY [sdm_download id=”5865″ fancy=”0″]
585OGWENO CYNTHIA ATIENO [sdm_download id=”5866″ fancy=”0″]
586OMONDI PAULVINE ONYANGO [sdm_download id=”5867″ fancy=”0″]
587JOSHUA OPONDO ADONGO [sdm_download id=”5868″ fancy=”0″]
588OSCAR OTIENO OKETCH [sdm_download id=”5869″ fancy=”0″]
589MATA PHEBIAN OTIENO [sdm_download id=”5870″ fancy=”0″]
590BILHA ADHIAMBO [sdm_download id=”5871″ fancy=”0″]
591VIVIAN AWINO AKELO [sdm_download id=”5872″ fancy=”0″]
592ONYANGO SHARON ACHIENG [sdm_download id=”5873″ fancy=”0″]
593BENARD OTIENO [sdm_download id=”5874″ fancy=”0″]
594MUGOKO DOMINION OGEGA [sdm_download id=”5875″ fancy=”0″]
595LAWRENCE AKENDO YWAYA [sdm_download id=”5876″ fancy=”0″]
596OURE CHRISTINE ALUOCH [sdm_download id=”5877″ fancy=”0″]
597MAURICE ANYANGO OMONDI [sdm_download id=”5878″ fancy=”0″]
598OUMA JOSEPH OCHIENG [sdm_download id=”5879″ fancy=”0″]
599ODUOR ATIENO JANE [sdm_download id=”5880″ fancy=”0″]
600MANGO JANE ATIENO [sdm_download id=”5881″ fancy=”0″]
601BRENDA SUSAN KIRONGO [sdm_download id=”5882″ fancy=”0″]
602MARYLINE ACHIENG OTIENO [sdm_download id=”5883″ fancy=”0″]
603IMANI OTIENO OMILO [sdm_download id=”5884″ fancy=”0″]
604OTIENO  BONFACE  WAMBUOR. [sdm_download id=”5885″ fancy=”0″]
605AGNES ATIENO [sdm_download id=”5886″ fancy=”0″]
606AWUOR JENIPHER [sdm_download id=”5887″ fancy=”0″]
607HILLARY HEZBON OCHIENG [sdm_download id=”5888″ fancy=”0″]
608OLUOCH ANTONE ODHIAMBO [sdm_download id=”5889″ fancy=”0″]
609BRIAN ZEDDY OMONDI [sdm_download id=”5890″ fancy=”0″]
610OKUMU VICTOR DE-LUKE [sdm_download id=”5891″ fancy=”0″]
611MAYAKA DANIEL ONG’ERA [sdm_download id=”5892″ fancy=”0″]
612BEGI VIVIENNE NYABONYI [sdm_download id=”5893″ fancy=”0″]
613NYAMWEYA VANII KERUBO [sdm_download id=”5894″ fancy=”0″]
614MORARA MORAA NAOM [sdm_download id=”5895″ fancy=”0″]
615MOSAISI KERUBO SELESTINAH [sdm_download id=”5896″ fancy=”0″]
616SIMIYU LESHAN LEVY [sdm_download id=”5897″ fancy=”0″]
617MAKORI OMANGA CLINTON [sdm_download id=”5898″ fancy=”0″]
618BOTA JOHN MAKWORO [sdm_download id=”5899″ fancy=”0″]
619JUDY NYABOKE [sdm_download id=”5900″ fancy=”0″]
620OTIENO QUINTER ACHIENG [sdm_download id=”5901″ fancy=”0″]
621ABEL NDEMO KINGOINA [sdm_download id=”5902″ fancy=”0″]
622ANUNDA BRITNEY KEMUMA [sdm_download id=”5903″ fancy=”0″]
623BEATRICE NYAMOITA ONDIEKI [sdm_download id=”5904″ fancy=”0″]
624ELIZABETH NYABOKE MAKORI [sdm_download id=”5912″ fancy=”0″]
625NORAH KERUBO OBONYO [sdm_download id=”5913″ fancy=”0″]
626OGETO MOGOBA BRIAN [sdm_download id=”5914″ fancy=”0″]
627MAUGA DOMINIC MASEGA [sdm_download id=”5915″ fancy=”0″]
628NAFULA PEACE LUTOME [sdm_download id=”5917″ fancy=”0″]
629ABONYO LESLY ACHIENG [sdm_download id=”5918″ fancy=”0″]
630ESTHER KWAMBOKA NYABUTO [sdm_download id=”5919″ fancy=”0″]
631OGOLA PETER ODONGO [sdm_download id=”5920″ fancy=”0″]
632ISAAC MWITA CHACHA  [sdm_download id=”5921″ fancy=”0″]
633STANLY OKINYI  [sdm_download id=”5923″ fancy=”0″]
634WENDY MELVIN  [sdm_download id=”5924″ fancy=”0″]
635DAVID CHACHA OBIYA  [sdm_download id=”5925″ fancy=”0″]
636OTIENO CHRIS ARIYA  [sdm_download id=”5926″ fancy=”0″]
637PETER DISI  [sdm_download id=”5927″ fancy=”0″]
638ODEKA BASIL OKOTH  [sdm_download id=”5928″ fancy=”0″]
639ACHIENG JUNE OKOTH  [sdm_download id=”5929″ fancy=”0″]
640ONYANGO JEVICE OCHIENG  [sdm_download id=”5930″ fancy=”0″]
641ODHIAMBO ROSEMARY AWUOR  [sdm_download id=”5931″ fancy=”0″]
642STALONE ODHIAMBO INNO  [sdm_download id=”5932″ fancy=”0″]
643OTIENO BRAYAN ONYANGO  [sdm_download id=”5933″ fancy=”0″]
644GERALD ODIWUOR OTIENO  [sdm_download id=”5935″ fancy=”0″]
645EMMACULATE AWUOR OTIENO  [sdm_download id=”5937″ fancy=”0″]
646STEVE AUSTINE ZEDEKIA  [sdm_download id=”5938″ fancy=”0″]
647PURITY  SINZIE  UHURU  [sdm_download id=”5939″ fancy=”0″]
648IRINE ATIENO ODHIAMBO  [sdm_download id=”5940″ fancy=”0″]
649ODERO ADAH FLAVIA  [sdm_download id=”5941″ fancy=”0″]
650VIVIAN AKINYI OCHIENG   [sdm_download id=”5942″ fancy=”0″]
651TRACY AKOTH OCHIENG   [sdm_download id=”5943″ fancy=”0″]
652JEURENCE AWUOR   [sdm_download id=”5944″ fancy=”0″]
653OMOLLO  EFFIE AKOTH   [sdm_download id=”5945″ fancy=”0″]
654NAOMI ANYANGO   [sdm_download id=”5949″ fancy=”0″]
655ODIRA TYSON OKOTH   [sdm_download id=”5950″ fancy=”0″]
656NEEMA NYANGI  [sdm_download id=”5951″ fancy=”0″]
657GITONGA CHARLES KAMARA  [sdm_download id=”5952″ fancy=”0″]
658KINYUA DAVID KIRAGU  [sdm_download id=”5953″ fancy=”0″]
659KARIUKI ANN WANJIRU  [sdm_download id=”5954″ fancy=”0″]
660GITHIOMI ALVIN MAINA  [sdm_download id=”5955″ fancy=”0″]
661WANGARI JAMES NDERITU  [sdm_download id=”5956″ fancy=”0″]
662OWINO JULIET ACHIENG  [sdm_download id=”5957″ fancy=”0″]
663KAMAU ANTONY NGAHU  [sdm_download id=”5958″ fancy=”0″]
664NGEI COLLINS MUTISYA  [sdm_download id=”5959″ fancy=”0″]
665GACHAU BRIAN KIGURU  [sdm_download id=”5960″ fancy=”0″]
666MAINA PATRICK MUIRURI [sdm_download id=”5961″ fancy=”0″]
667ALVIN LELLO MATHUKA [sdm_download id=”5962″ fancy=”0″]
668NJOROGE PRISCILLA WANJA [sdm_download id=”5963″ fancy=”0″]
669WANJIRA DENNIS KIRIRO [sdm_download id=”5964″ fancy=”0″]
670NUTHU JAMES GITHINJI [sdm_download id=”5965″ fancy=”0″]
671VICTOR KIPCHIRCHIR CHUMBA [sdm_download id=”5966″ fancy=”0″]
672PATIENCE HARRY OTIENO [sdm_download id=”5967″ fancy=”0″]
673OKEYO MARTIN OMONDI [sdm_download id=”5968″ fancy=”0″]
674AYUB HUSSEIN ADEN [sdm_download id=”5969″ fancy=”0″]
675MWANGI ROSALINE NJERI [sdm_download id=”5970″ fancy=”0″]
676ARIEMO THERESA DIANA [sdm_download id=”5971″ fancy=”0″]
677MUTHOKA DIANAH NYIVA [sdm_download id=”5972″ fancy=”0″]
678KAVINDU KELVIN MUTINDA [sdm_download id=”5973″ fancy=”0″]
679JACINTA WAMBUI KAMAU [sdm_download id=”5974″ fancy=”0″]
680ISAAC ANZINGARE [sdm_download id=”5975″ fancy=”0″]
681BETT LINDA CHEPTOO [sdm_download id=”5976″ fancy=”0″]
682KIPKEMBOI KIPCHIRCHIR LABAN [sdm_download id=”5977″ fancy=”0″]
683WILLICE HERMAN OGOLLA [sdm_download id=”5978″ fancy=”0″]
684KWEMOI FELIX BARASA [sdm_download id=”5979″ fancy=”0″]
685OSTIENO BRENDA NANJALA [sdm_download id=”5980″ fancy=”0″]
686ONG’ASIA DIANA [sdm_download id=”5981″ fancy=”0″]
687CHEPTOO KELSEY KIMBERLY [sdm_download id=”5982″ fancy=”0″]
688AUMA SALINE ATIENO [sdm_download id=”5983″ fancy=”0″]
689RODAH GLORY OKEYO [sdm_download id=”5984″ fancy=”0″]
690OMANGI REBECCA NYANCHERA [sdm_download id=”5985″ fancy=”0″]
691VINCENT OTIENO [sdm_download id=”5986″ fancy=”0″]
692MWABILI FLORENTINA WAWUDA [sdm_download id=”5987″ fancy=”0″]
693MUSA FEISAL ALI [sdm_download id=”5988″ fancy=”0″]
694WACHIRA JOSEPH MUTITU [sdm_download id=”5989″ fancy=”0″]
695KIRAGU HARAN WACHIRA [sdm_download id=”5990″ fancy=”0″]
696KAMAU RUFUS NJENGA [sdm_download id=”5991″ fancy=”0″]
697MBAO  STANLEY WANYOIKE [sdm_download id=”5992″ fancy=”0″]
698WANJIRU CHEGE [sdm_download id=”5993″ fancy=”0″]
699MISIKO SAMUEL SIUNDU [sdm_download id=”5994″ fancy=”0″]
700KARISA TONNY KALAMA [sdm_download id=”5995″ fancy=”0″]
701MUTINDA SHADRACK MUEMA [sdm_download id=”5996″ fancy=”0″]
702NCHUBIRI BERLYN KATHURE [sdm_download id=”5997″ fancy=”0″]
703MUTUKU FAITH MUENI [sdm_download id=”5998″ fancy=”0″]
704WANYONYI JANE NANJALA [sdm_download id=”5999″ fancy=”0″]
705NYAMIRA CHRISTINE KEMUNTO [sdm_download id=”6001″ fancy=”0″]
706OUMA ACHIENG LOVIN [sdm_download id=”6002″ fancy=”0″]
707CHERUIYOT JEPKOSGEI EVANA [sdm_download id=”6003″ fancy=”0″]
708SAMUEL OCHIENG ODUOR [sdm_download id=”6004″ fancy=”0″]
709MAGDALINE CHEPKEMOI [sdm_download id=”6005″ fancy=”0″]
710BRIAN KIPLANGAT MUTAI [sdm_download id=”6007″ fancy=”0″]
711NJAGI MERCY MUTHONI [sdm_download id=”6008″ fancy=”0″]
712KOMITE RACHEAL NEEMA [sdm_download id=”6010″ fancy=”0″]
713OOKO ESTHER APIYO [sdm_download id=”6011″ fancy=”0″]
714KIMOSOP GLORIAH JELAGAT [sdm_download id=”6012″ fancy=”0″]
715NG’ANG’A NYIHA ELIZABETH [sdm_download id=”6013″ fancy=”0″]
716ODUOR EUGENE OMONDI [sdm_download id=”6014″ fancy=”0″]
717WAFULA FELIX KATILA [sdm_download id=”6015″ fancy=”0″]
718FRIDAH KEMUNTO ABIMA [sdm_download id=”6016″ fancy=”0″]
719KINYANJUI MESHACH MUIRURI [sdm_download id=”6017″ fancy=”0″]
720KUBASU PATIENCE NASIMIYU [sdm_download id=”6018″ fancy=”0″]
721RUTO JOSHUA YARANYANG [sdm_download id=”6019″ fancy=”0″]
722KEMBOI KELVIN KIBET [sdm_download id=”6020″ fancy=”0″]
723KELVIN KIPNGENO MITEI [sdm_download id=”6021″ fancy=”0″]
724KIBII NELLA CHEBIWOT [sdm_download id=”6022″ fancy=”0″]
725MURUNDE BEATRICE [sdm_download id=”6023″ fancy=”0″]
726NGARUIYA NDUTA MARYANNE [sdm_download id=”6024″ fancy=”0″]
727JEPKOSGEI CHARITY [sdm_download id=”6025″ fancy=”0″]
728OMUSEVE ROSE KASIDI [sdm_download id=”6026″ fancy=”0″]
729ROSE ADHIAMBO OUMA [sdm_download id=”6027″ fancy=”0″]
730OCHIENG SAMUEL OLUOCH [sdm_download id=”6028″ fancy=”0″]
731GATI FAITH MATIKO [sdm_download id=”6029″ fancy=”0″]
732SYNTHIA AOKO [sdm_download id=”6031″ fancy=”0″]
733DADAH SAMMY JILLOH [sdm_download id=”6032″ fancy=”0″]
734MACHUKI ALVIN NYAKONDO [sdm_download id=”6033″ fancy=”0″]
735ODUOR VISHORN JILLIAN [sdm_download id=”6034″ fancy=”0″]
736MALEMBA WAWUDA HOPE [sdm_download id=”6036″ fancy=”0″]
737GACHURU BERNICE WANJIRU [sdm_download id=”6037″ fancy=”0″]
738KAGUTA NYAMBURA BEATRICE [sdm_download id=”6038″ fancy=”0″]
739MUMBI JANET NJERI [sdm_download id=”6039″ fancy=”0″]
740WACHIURI FLORENCE WANJIRA [sdm_download id=”6040″ fancy=”0″]
741NG’ANG’A JAMES KAMAU [sdm_download id=”6041″ fancy=”0″]
742WANGUI MWANGI DANIEL [sdm_download id=”6042″ fancy=”0″]
743GIOKO TERQUEEN KANINI [sdm_download id=”6043″ fancy=”0″]
744MURUGI JAMES GITHINJI [sdm_download id=”6044″ fancy=”0″]
745KARANI  MARION  NYAGUTHII [sdm_download id=”6045″ fancy=”0″]
746MBURU ESTHER NJOKI [sdm_download id=”6046″ fancy=”0″]
747WAMBUGU GRACE MUTHONI [sdm_download id=”6047″ fancy=”0″]
748WAHORO ROSE WANGARI [sdm_download id=”6049″ fancy=”0″]
749WANGECI HELLEN WAMAITHA [sdm_download id=”6050″ fancy=”0″]
750WAINAINA MICHELLE NG’ENDO [sdm_download id=”6052″ fancy=”0″]
751NGETHA LIZ NYAGUTHII [sdm_download id=”6053″ fancy=”0″]
752MUTULI KELVIN MASILA [sdm_download id=”6054″ fancy=”0″]
753MUIA SAMUEL MWENDWA [sdm_download id=”6055″ fancy=”0″]
754CALYNNE BERNICE NIYONZIZA [sdm_download id=”6056″ fancy=”0″]
755MACHAGA BRIAN KIMANI [sdm_download id=”6057″ fancy=”0″]
756KABUU FELISTA NJERI [sdm_download id=”6058″ fancy=”0″]
757NDINDA CHELSEA MALINDA [sdm_download id=”6059″ fancy=”0″]
758NAVACHENJA  FAITH [sdm_download id=”6060″ fancy=”0″]
759ESTHER NDUKU [sdm_download id=”6061″ fancy=”0″]
760WAMBUA JUDY MBOVI [sdm_download id=”6062″ fancy=”0″]
761FREDINA  CHARLES  LATIU [sdm_download id=”6063″ fancy=”0″]
762KARIUKI CALEB KAREITHI [sdm_download id=”6064″ fancy=”0″]
763NYAGA SHIRLEEN WAMBUI [sdm_download id=”6065″ fancy=”0″]
764MBAABU ALAN MUTWIRI [sdm_download id=”6066″ fancy=”0″]
765VAATI MICHELLE MWENDE [sdm_download id=”6067″ fancy=”0″]
766MUGAMBI WHITNEY NKIROTE [sdm_download id=”6068″ fancy=”0″]
767ABDI OMAR MOHAMED [sdm_download id=”6069″ fancy=”0″]
768KIOKO CYNTHIA NYAKIO [sdm_download id=”6071″ fancy=”0″]
769SEREM JEPKURUI GLORIA [sdm_download id=”6072″ fancy=”0″]
770NYONGESA WANYONYI DAVID [sdm_download id=”6073″ fancy=”0″]
771KIMUTAI BRIAN [sdm_download id=”6074″ fancy=”0″]
772ESTHER CHEROP KIBOI [sdm_download id=”6075″ fancy=”0″]
773BOIYWO KELVIN KIPKOECH [sdm_download id=”6077″ fancy=”0″]
774KIRUI CHEPKOECH MERCY [sdm_download id=”6078″ fancy=”0″]
775MERCY CHEPKORIR [sdm_download id=”6079″ fancy=”0″]
776JEPKIRUI DIANAH [sdm_download id=”6080″ fancy=”0″]
777JEPKOECH SHEILA [sdm_download id=”6081″ fancy=”0″] 
778NJAGI YVONE WAMBUI [sdm_download id=”6082″ fancy=”0″]
779MAURICE  NYANG’ARA ELIZABETH [sdm_download id=”6083″ fancy=”0″]
780CHUMBA CAREN JEROP [sdm_download id=”6084″ fancy=”0″]
781FAITH JEPKOGEI TINGIYA [sdm_download id=”6085″ fancy=”0″]
782CHEBOO DEBORAH NANJALA [sdm_download id=”6086″ fancy=”0″]
783MUSIGAIRE PIRRY [sdm_download id=”6088″ fancy=”0″]
784ANVY ALIVITSA [sdm_download id=”6089″ fancy=”0″]
785OSITA NEVINE [sdm_download id=”6091″ fancy=”0″]
786CHEBET FAITH MASAI  [sdm_download id=”6092″ fancy=”0″]
787MAKORI MAUREEN KEMUNTO  [sdm_download id=”6093″ fancy=”0″]
788MOGIKOYO RACHAEL NYANGIGE  [sdm_download id=”6094″ fancy=”0″]
789PHALEN MOSES OGEGA  [sdm_download id=”6095″ fancy=”0″]
790ODHIAMBO IDDAH AWUOR  [sdm_download id=”6096″ fancy=”0″]
791ACHOCHO STESSY AWINO  [sdm_download id=”6099″ fancy=”0″]
792ODUOR GRACE AWUOR  [sdm_download id=”6100″ fancy=”0″]
793YUNGO DISMAS ARIBU[sdm_download id=”6101″ fancy=”0″] 
794SARAH BUGI MOSABI[sdm_download id=”6102″ fancy=”0″] 
795MULKI SULEIMAN  ADAN [sdm_download id=”6103″ fancy=”0″]
796JOSEPH MASAI MAZERA [sdm_download id=”6104″ fancy=”0″]
797ALI BABLEE MAULID [sdm_download id=”6105″ fancy=”0″]
798MWANGI DAVID KAMAU [sdm_download id=”6107″ fancy=”0″]
799MUTOTI BRIAN MUTETHIA [sdm_download id=”6108″ fancy=”0″]
800KIPKOECH  BRIAN [sdm_download id=”6110″ fancy=”0″]
801NGAI GRACE KATHURE [sdm_download id=”6111″ fancy=”0″]
802KAMAU NANCY WAWIRA [sdm_download id=”6112″ fancy=”0″]
803WAITHERERO KENNEDY KAMAU [sdm_download id=”6113″ fancy=”0″]
804CYRIL  WICHENJE  MASINZA [sdm_download id=”6114″ fancy=”0″]
805IMELA DAMARIS OKUKU [sdm_download id=”6115″ fancy=”0″]
806NASAMBU LAVIN [sdm_download id=”6116″ fancy=”0″]
807KIURA TONNY MAWIRA [sdm_download id=”6117″ fancy=”0″]
808WANJIKU DEEN CHRISPUS [sdm_download id=”6118″ fancy=”0″]
809KIRINGA SHARON NYAKIO [sdm_download id=”6119″ fancy=”0″]
810MUTHURI KENNEDY KIMATHI [sdm_download id=”6121″ fancy=”0″]
811BRENDA KIANIRA KITHAMBA [sdm_download id=”6122″ fancy=”0″]
812JOHN EMMANUEL MUTWIRI [sdm_download id=”6123″ fancy=”0″]
813MACKENZIE PEACE MWENDWA [sdm_download id=”6124″ fancy=”0″]
814NTHUSI CALEB MUSUMBI [sdm_download id=”6126″ fancy=”0″]
815KIMEU CHARITY MWIKALI [sdm_download id=”6127″ fancy=”0″]
816KOOME CALLISTUS [sdm_download id=”6128″ fancy=”0″]
817KINYUA MUGUNA TITUS [sdm_download id=”6129″ fancy=”0″]
818MUKITI JOHN MUTATI [sdm_download id=”6130″ fancy=”0″]
819HILLARY MUGAMBI [sdm_download id=”6131″ fancy=”0″]
820WARREN  GWAKA  KASHI [sdm_download id=”6132″ fancy=”0″]
821ABDULLAHI HASSAN SHEIKH [sdm_download id=”6135″ fancy=”0″]
822THIONG’O MAINA MAXMILLIAN [sdm_download id=”6136″ fancy=”0″]
823IVINE AKIRU MARTHA [sdm_download id=”6139″ fancy=”0″]
824JAPHETH  KAPCHANGA  JUMA [sdm_download id=”6140″ fancy=”0″]
825KANDIE CHEBOI MOSES [sdm_download id=”6141″ fancy=”0″]
826MUDINYU HOSEA MANGUYA [sdm_download id=”6142″ fancy=”0″]
827STEPHEN MAINA NJOROGE [sdm_download id=”6143″ fancy=”0″]
828JOSPHAT KIPTOO SIELE [sdm_download id=”6144″ fancy=”0″]
829KORIR GIDEON KIPLANGAT [sdm_download id=”6145″ fancy=”0″]
830MAKORI HAMLET KERUBO [sdm_download id=”6146″ fancy=”0″]
831OSCAR BARASA JUMA [sdm_download id=”6148″ fancy=”0″]
832MURIUKI  JOSEPH  NJENGA [sdm_download id=”6149″ fancy=”0″]
833MAINA SIMON NG`ANG`A [sdm_download id=”6150″ fancy=”0″]
834SIGEI  SPENCER  KIPLANGAT [sdm_download id=”6152″ fancy=”0″] 
835JEBET JASMINE [sdm_download id=”6153″ fancy=”0″]
836KIPRONO  WINNIE JEMUTAI [sdm_download id=”6154″ fancy=”0″]
837GIDION KIPRUGUT NGENOH [sdm_download id=”6155″ fancy=”0″]
838VINCENT  KIMUTAI   NGETICH [sdm_download id=”6156″ fancy=”0″]
839JEPCHIRCHIR TRACY [sdm_download id=”6157″ fancy=”0″]
840KEVIN KIPKIRUI [sdm_download id=”6159″ fancy=”0″]
841CHERUIYOT ENOCK [sdm_download id=”6160″ fancy=”0″]
842SHARON CHELANGAT [sdm_download id=”6162″ fancy=”0″]
843DORCAS CHEROP [sdm_download id=”6163″ fancy=”0″]
844CHEPKEMBOI MERCY [sdm_download id=”6164″ fancy=”0″]
845MURAGE JANET MUTHONI [sdm_download id=”6165″ fancy=”0″]
846COSMAS NGENO KIMUTAI [sdm_download id=”6166″ fancy=”0″]
847BRENDA CHEROTICH [sdm_download id=”6167″ fancy=”0″]
848CHENANGAT TRACY MOROTO [sdm_download id=”6168″ fancy=”0″]
849OKUKU MESHACK WANDERA [sdm_download id=”6169″ fancy=”0″]
850SHITAKWA LAURENT [sdm_download id=”6170″ fancy=”0″]
851ACHIENG ROSEMARY [sdm_download id=”6171″ fancy=”0″]
852OMAR FARIDAH HASSINA [sdm_download id=”6172″ fancy=”0″]
853MICHAEL CARL WAMALWA[sdm_download id=”6173″ fancy=”0″] 
854MATHESHE HILLARY [sdm_download id=”6174″ fancy=”0″]
855BRIAN JUNIOR EKESA [sdm_download id=”6175″ fancy=”0″]
856FELIX KIMUTAI [sdm_download id=”6177″ fancy=”0″]
857MANZUGU  BENJAMIN [sdm_download id=”6178″ fancy=”0″]
858WANJALA LEVIS OJANGO [sdm_download id=”6179″ fancy=”0″]
859OMONDI BRIGHTON [sdm_download id=”6180″ fancy=”0″]
860OUMA NYABONYI BENTA [sdm_download id=”6182″ fancy=”0″]
861ODIRA EDWIN OKINYI [sdm_download id=”6183″ fancy=”0″]
862DUNCAN KIBET CHEPKWONY [sdm_download id=”6184″ fancy=”0″]
863BIVON OCHIENGI ISAAC [sdm_download id=”6185″ fancy=”0″]
864MAURICE CHACHA KIRIGITI [sdm_download id=”6186″ fancy=”0″]
865ROBI BRENDA MWITA [sdm_download id=”6187″ fancy=”0″]
866DAMARIS FAITH WANDERA [sdm_download id=”6188″ fancy=”0″]
867OGAYO VERA AKINYI [sdm_download id=”6189″ fancy=”0″]
868EDWIN OWUOR [sdm_download id=”6191″ fancy=”0″]
869OWUOR DANCAN ONYANGO [sdm_download id=”6192″ fancy=”0″]
870ODUWA VINCENT MIKE [sdm_download id=”6194″ fancy=”0″]
871OTIENO HAMPHREY YASHPAL GHAI [sdm_download id=”6195″ fancy=”0″]
872ORUCHA FRANKLINE ODUOR [sdm_download id=”6196″ fancy=”0″]
873ONYANGO REGAN OMONDI [sdm_download id=”6197″ fancy=”0″]
874MICHAEL MAINYA NGUBO [sdm_download id=”6198″ fancy=”0″]
875MOSES KENAGWA JOSEPH [sdm_download id=”6199″ fancy=”0″]
876LABAN OMBAKI ELIJAH [sdm_download id=”6200″ fancy=”0″]
877MOTURI BONFACE NYABUGA [sdm_download id=”6201″ fancy=”0″]
878OKENO THOMAS SAOKE [sdm_download id=”6202″ fancy=”0″]
879ALIN MOHAMED NUR [sdm_download id=”6203″ fancy=”0″]
880OSMAN     ABDI       MOHAMUD [sdm_download id=”6204″ fancy=”0″]
881HARET HASSAN ABDI [sdm_download id=”6206″ fancy=”0″]

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