Great lakes University of Kisumu main Library is located at Kibos .There are branch libraries at Milimani Campus and Nairobi Campus. The library was established in 1998 and was initially in Milimani when the institution was still known as Tropical Institute of Community Health.

Our Vision
The library’s vision is to become a centre of excellence in terms of provision and dissemination of information and information resource materials to its users.

Our Mission
• To support GLUK academic programs by selecting and acquiring relevant information resources of diverse formats within the scope of courses taught;
• To organize and disseminate information resources on time to its clientele.

Our Strategic Objectives

1.    To facilitate research and extension work in the university
2.    To support learning and teaching by availing information materials
3.    To acquire, organize and disseminate information to users.


1. The library has a collection of reference materials in all spheres of knowledge. These are available in print and non print formats .The current stock is 16000 volumes of books and 600 journals. These are borrowed by users while some used within the library depending on the policies in place.

– Academic staff borrow up to a maximum of 5 books at ago and use them for one month
– Students borrow up to 3 books and use for two weeks and one reserved book for overnight use
– Non –teaching staff borrow up to two books and use for two weeks
– Fines are imposed on overdue books as follows: Kshs 10 per book for general circulation books Kshs 5 per hour per book for reserved /short loan book
– Renewal of books is allowed as long as the book is not on demand by another user. Can be done by phone, letter, fax, or e-mail
– Recall can be done by librarian if a book is required for a special purpose

Opening Hours
Monday- Friday         -8.00am – 8.00pm
Saturday                     -8.00am -5.00pm
Sunday                       -11.00am -4.00pm

Library Fines
Overdue books
Fines are imposed on overdue books as follows:
Kshs. 5/= shilling per book per day-long loan books
Kshs.10/- for every subsequent hour- short loan

Recalled materials:
The University Librarian may recall a book on loan if it is required for a special purpose. Recalled materials accumulate Kshs 2/= per day 3 days from the recall date.
Damaged information material
Pay twice the cost of replacement/repair. These materials remain in the library until payment for replacement/repair is received.

Lost information materials:
i.    Two times the cost of a book in print
ii.    Four times cost of a book out of print
In the event a library user loses a book, a letter has to be written to the University Librarian and acknowledged by the University Librarian.

Library materials that are reported lost and charged for will only be accepted back and MAYBE refunded at the discretion of the University Librarian.

A user found attempting to sneak out of the library with a reading material will pay a fine of 700/= after which the user’s membership maybe suspended or banned from library use depending on decision made by the University Disciplinary Committee.

Lost cards
In the event a library user loses a card, a letter has to be written to the University Librarian, and acknowledged by the University librarian to enable replacement at a cost of 100/= per card.

NOTE: Fines must be paid promptly. Readers borrowing privileges shall be withheld until payment is made.  The Library reserves the right of suspending ones membership until the accumulated fines are cleared.

Other Rules

  1. Silence shall be maintained in the library at all time
  2. All phones to be on silent mode
  3. Ensure that library materials are issued to you properly at the issue desk before leaving the library
  4. No smoking, eating, drinking ,hawking, spiting or sleeping is allowed in the library
  5. Do not write on or mishandle books or any other library materials
  6. Keep the library clean and put any waste paper on the waste bins
  7. Cell phones must be switched off at all times in the library
  8. Loss f library cards must be reported immediately. Replacement of lost cards is done at a fee.
  9. Discussion are not allowed in the library
  10. Heavy jackets and bags must be left at the baggage area
  11. Reservation of reading area is not allowed

Library Clearance
Clearance of registered members will be done only after fulfilling the following: –
a)    Only the University Librarian is allowed to clear the library users. In the event that a library user is found to have been cleared by other person(s), the user will pay a fine for evading clearance by the University Librarian of not less than 1000/=
b)    Paying all overdue fines
c)    Paying for lost library materials.
d)    Return of library borrower’s barcode/cards or payment of Kshs. 100/- per card if a card is lost along with a letter to the University Librarian indicating loss of cards.