Masters in clinical Medicine

Upscale your career with a masters in clinical medicine.

Masters degrees in Clinical Medicine involve advanced vocational study of the observation, diagnosis and treatment of illnesses through direct interaction with human patients.

Why study a Masters in Clinical Medicine?

Clinical Medicine covers a wide range of professional practices, but you’ll be able to gear your studies towards a particular career.

For example, you may wish to become a general practitioner, learning to diagnose a range of illnesses within public and private healthcare centres. As a first point of contact for many patients, GPs can either take immediate action, or refer patients for further treatment.

Alternatively, you might branch into stratified medicine, identifying subgroups of patients with distinct symptoms of a disease, or particular responses to treatment. This could also include research roles such as clinical trial management.

Other careers include routes into tropical medicine, working within a range of tropical environments either in healthcare centres, or on behalf of charities providing humanitarian aid.

Finally, Pharmacology is also a popular route, which involves the development and distribution of drugs and medicines for disease.

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