May-Aug 2019 Fee Payment

On behalf  of the University  Management   Board,  I welcome  you for the new semester  of May – August  2019. As  you can recall,  we communicated   to you on the above  subject  at the end of the semester   in  the  letter  dated   18th. April    2019,   document   Ref No. GLUK/ACAD/RAA/004, this therefore   is  a  reminder   to  all  students   and  staffs  of  the  following   on  FEES   PAYMENT POLICY:

  1. Payment  of at least 50% fees at the beginning  of the semester  to be registered  by 13th May 2019.
  2. Payment  of the remaining  50% by the end of the 3rd  week of the semester  by 28th   May 2019.
  3. Payment  of 100% fees at the beginning  of the semester  will attract  a discount  of  1,500ksh.
  4. Payment  of fees   after the 3rd  week will attract  a fine of 2,500ksh.


Note that to be allowed to sit for exams one MUST fulfill the 75% class attendance. We appreciate  your continued  support to GLUK.



Evans Watera – Registrar  Academic  Affairs


– Vice Chancellor

– Registrar  Administration

– Chief Accountant

– Director-  Nairobi  CORC

– Director-  Kisumu  CORC

– Coordinator  Milimani  CORC

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