Mega-Speed Wi-Fi Connectivity

Wireless has similarly become a confusing term when compared against Wi-Fi. As Wi-Fi has now become synonymous with local area wireless standards, “wireless” implies a cellular-based connection as well as those connections built on the 802.11 standard. The IEEE 802.11 standard defines how wireless local area networks communicate. Cellular wireless operates on a different set of standards than 802.11, so it’s not the same as Wi-Fi.

If Wi-Fi were the child, wireless would be the dad and Ethernet would be the grandfather; little in common, but one would not exist without the other.

At GLUK, we have numerous access points where you can easily access Internet connectivity at your convenience. The speeds are quite superb with no downtime.Research and entertainment has never been this easy.

If you wanna enjoy the current world of technology, choose GLUK.

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