Re-Opening of Milimani Centre

Following  the completion  of renovations  at Milimani  Facility,  the University  Management   Board (UMB) and Senate resolved  that the Health  Sciences  (Nursing,  Clinical  Medicine  and Physiotherapy)   students who  were on recess  during  May-August  2018 Semester  will resume their studies on 3rd  September,  2018.

This communication   is therefore  to inform all the students  in Health  Sciences  (Nursing,  Clinical  Medicine and Physiotherapy  programmes)   who were on recess that classes will resume  in September-December

2018 semester  as indicated  in the University  Academic  Calendar.

Please  note that any fees arrears and the September-December   Semester  fees must be cleared. Registration  of classes  for the September-December   semester  must be done during  the first week of the semester.

Thanks for your support  and cooperation.

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