Embracing Research Culture

Great Lakes University of Kisumu on the 18th December, 2018 held a workshop aimed at developing a Strategic Plan for Research activities in the University.

The Theme for the Workshop was ‘To Establish a Strong Research Culture at GLUK’ and its main objectives included:

1. Promoting a strong research culture at the University.

2. Promoting scholarship and intellectualism among students and academic staff community at the University.

3. Promoting multidisciplinary research in all the academic departments at GLUK.

4.Collaborating with different industries and donor agencies to promote research at the University

The workshop was attended by University scholars, Researchers, Investors and Journalists and was hosted at the GLUK Milimani Community Outreach and Resource Centre (CORC).

Click Here to view the Workshop Program

Click Here to view the Concept Notes for the Conference

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