Vice Chair



Greetings fellow comrades and members of the GLUK fraternity. Receive season greetings from the office of the vice chair, GLUKSO

I am really humbled to be part of this great institution and be part of the students organization as the vice chair, mainly dealing with students welfare, health, security and accommodation.

Throughout this journey, it has been God, unity and cooperation since day one. I am much thankful to you comrades and to the administration for the support during our tenure. We’ve had all our students events done successfully courtesy of your support and prayers.

I must say it takes individual and collective efforts to build something. So as comrades and members of GLUK community let us embrace peace, love and harmony amongst ourselves for the betterment of our institution, to create a peaceful environment for our studies and a prospective future for ourselves.

The semester is almost coming to an end, let us focus on our studies and above all pray to God to give us strength as we soldier on with our academic journey.

Above all I pray that God gives you all good health, support you in whatever constraints you may be in, I pray that He protects you in all your endeavors. Stay safe and be blessed.