Work Study Program

Great Lakes University of Kisumu work study programme offers an opportuinity for students to work part-time on campus in jobs that accomodate their studies.

Objectives of the work study programme

  1. To assist students in financial need – source of income to reduce their debt load
  2. To offer students training experience that will assist them in further studies nd their eventual entrance in to the work force.
  3. To provide support to staff and fculty in their operations.

Eligible Students
Students must be approved for work study programme for the current semester prior to being hired. if an ineligible student is ired, the department will be responsible for payment to the student.

Undergraduate students who demonstrate financial need and are enrolled in a minimum 100% course load at the main campus are eligible.
They must be Kenyan citizens or permanent Kenyan resident

Graduate Students
Graduate students must apply on a paper application each semester by the deadline.
the student must be a Kenyan citizen or a permanent Kenyan resident

Based on need
A committee is to establish the criteria for choosing and shortlisting the needy students.

How many hours may a student work?
Undergraduate students: the student and the supervisor must agree on a schedule of hours to work and must ensure that the hours worked do not interfere with the student’s academic studies. As a guideline, not more than 20 hours per week is recommended noting that there are weeks in the year where students may have no classes. students are permitted to work a maximum of 40 hours per week.

Reporting Mechanism
The student on work study will report to the work study administrator who willl in turn report to the Dean of Students.

Work study students will not in any way be compensated for overtime hours or statutory holidays; they will be compensated at the regular rate of payment.
A recommendation letter will be issue to the students upon completion of the course