Health Services

The University is dedicated to providing the highest quality healthcare to all GLUK students. Our team of health professionals are committed to your overall well-being during your stay at GLUK. We strives to provide a comprehensive and valuable primary healthcare service and deliver educational and promotional programs to our students as per best international standards.

Our Services

      • Health Treatment: Both local and international GLUK students are required to have insurance card. All insured students will receive treatment free of charge. 

      • First Aid: The medical staff from the GLUK Health Clinics provide first aid services to GLUK students on campus and in their residential buildings, along with attending GLUK activities. In emergency cases, students will be re-directed to a local emergency department in one of the public or private hospitals in Kenya.

      • Primary Health Care: Three qualified physicians supervise who provide GLUK students with adequate medical care.

      • Referrals: Health cases requiring a specialist’s opinion will be referred to one of the local public or private hospitals.

      • Scheduling an Appointment: Students can request a medical appointment either by sending an email or by calling the relevant clinic.