12 Reasons to Join Great Lakes University of Kisumu

1. Accreditation

Accredited by the Commission for University Education (CUE), Kenya.

2. Research

The university has created a conducive environment for undertaking high quality, innovative, relevant, discovery based and demand driven research based on social needs

3. Flexible Study Modes

Flexible modes of learning which includes fulltime, online and part-time (evening and weekend)

4. Affordable and flexible fee payment mode

Affordable and flexible fee payment in easy percentage instalments of 50:25:25

5. Duration of Study

Academic programmes are designed in trimester system that accommodate three trimesters in a year enabling students to complete their courses earlier enough

6. Partnerships and Collaborations

The university has academic partnership with institutions of higher learning locally and internationally in Health, Agribusiness and Technology

7. Highly qualified and Competent Staff

The university has engaged highly qualified and competent academic staff drawn locally and internationally

8. Community Service

Extension services to the community and beyond is provided by the university through collaborations and networking with the local research and Government agencies as well as industries

9. Convinient and reliable Transport system

The university has in place a fleet of buses. Transport is always available for academic and social trips

10. Student Welfare Support

The university has accommodation and facilities and cafeteria serving both students and staff. The integrate health clinic offers basic health services to both students and staff

11. Co-curriula Activities

The university offers a holistic education hence has a variety of sporting and recreational activities which include rugby, football, volley ball and indoor games such Scrabbles and chess. There is alsom music and drama.

12. Multicultural diversity

The University recognises and appreciates the diversity of its student and staff population and develops talents through organising of cultural events at leats twice a year.


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