Dean of Students

Message from the Dean of Students

Student Life staff are dedicated to helping you invest in your own success by engaging in meaningful, educational, and enjoyable experiences that will last a lifetime.

We know that education happens both inside and outside the classroom and a successful college career includes a balance of academic, social, civic, and personal growth and development. We are here to help you make that connection with the university and with other students.

The initiatives, programming, and services of the 18 Student Life departments are designed to help support students so you can reach your goal of graduating with a degree. We offer many resources and services such as off-campus housing, accommodative services, clubs, fitness and wellness programs, therapy groups and the list goes on and on.

Your academic studies combined with the programs and initiatives provided by Student Life departments will give you a complete experience at GLUK. Please join us and let us help you create your own world-class collegiate experience at Great Lakes University of Kisumu.

The Dean of Students staff serves as a liaison between students, parents, faculty, staff and administrators to assist with individual or group crisis, navigate campus procedures, and serve as an advocate for students when needed. The office is the primary resource for individuals who need assistance identifying the appropriate resources available.


To enhance the student experience by addressing the varied and evolving needs of students and by serving as the hub for student-centred collaborations, programs and services.


Cultivating transformative experiences that challenge students to be their best at Great Lakes University of Kisumu and beyond.

Core Values

The following values are central to the Dean of Student Office and guide how we do our work and fulfill our mission:

Students and Community

We are committed to creating a community that encourages and practices civility, compassion and care for others. We understand that how we work and provide services directly impacts the student experience. We therefore strive to work together to create connections and relationships that help us respond to the needs of our students.


As educators, we understand that learning occurs both inside and outside the classroom. We facilitate a supportive campus environment that contributes to student learning and personal development. Additionally, we seek to inspire students to be engaged citizens within the Great Lakes community and beyond.


We believe that staff members must uphold the highest standards and principles. Ethics and integrity are characterized by trust and respect for each other, collaborative decision-making, appropriate use of University resources, service to students, and the utilization of best practices within the field of student affairs and higher education.


We play an important role in the lives of the students, and work with them to achieve their goals. The efforts and contributions of our colleagues, within the department and across the university, through working relationships based on mutual respect, trust, and cooperation


We conduct ourselves in a manner that is respectful to colleagues and students.

Personal Accountability

We take responsibility for our actions and their outcomes.


We work collaboratively with colleagues and students, forming healthy partnerships and sharing ideas and resources to accomplish common goals.

An environment conducive to productivity, creativity, and enjoyment


We respect our individual identities and experiences and foster an inclusive and supportive environment for others.

The uniqueness and worth of every person, and his/her pursuit of professional growth and personal well-being


We are recognized and valued as an individual, and respect the unique contributions and worth of others.


  1. Act as the presiding officer during elections of the office bears.
  2. Guiding and encouraging students to form and develop professional ,social clubs and societies and also providing the necessary support t such clubs and societies
  3. Supervise the functions of the Student mentoring service which provides counselling services to the student community.
  4. Organizing sporting activities through the Sports and games committee.